Friday, December 30, 2011

First Group Run

Well, I am going to venture into the world of group walk/runs tomorrow morning...which means that I should be in bed trying to sleep...let me tell you why I am not....
Eddie had a headache this afternoon & ended up falling asleep on the couch this, he just woke up about 45 minutes him to eat something...he's watching one of his shows....about to get his pjs on him and have him head to bed....guessing that he will come and visit tonight...
This does not make for very good rest for the morning as I had to play a lot with Liam all evening in order to keep him from waking Eddie I was fixing dinner for he and I, he "brought" Eddie several toys (placed them by his head)....just trying to make brother feel better....
Well, I will be taking both boys with me on this first group walk because the hubby is working and won't be home until after 8 in the morning....the walk/run starts at, we will see if I can get the boys up, dressed, breakfast, something to take with them and to Cedar Park by 7:30....I am hopeful....I'll probably need a HUGE Dr Pepper right after!  LOL!
Night night!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Must Really Be CRAZY!!!!

So, I totally stopped blogging and am so upset that I did....I would have liked to see my progress to the 13.1 miles this past November.....

Needless to say, I finished, but I was so exhausted after that I did not enjoy my finish or the few days after...I got so sick, I went to the doctor and was on meds for almost 2 weeks....between allergies and a throat infection...

That week after, I vowed that I would NEVER do another 13.1 miles...then I started thinking....wouldn't it be nice to do it and NOT be sick after???  Then a friend in town shared an opportunity to train, have a mentor & be part of a group to complete a 5K or 1/2 marathon.  Well, a 5K is nothing....I could do that in my sleep....another 13.1 miles...hmmmmm...

So I applied for the Zooma Girlfriend's Program....never thinking that they would actually choose me because I had done a half already....I finished, but did not feel very good about the finish and felt horrible fact, I have not walked a single mile or gone to boot camp since the day I crossed the finish line.  I need some motivation....

WELL....I got the motivation, I was picked as one of 15 people to participate in the program....I went to the first meeting this past Thursday night (totally different story, but I am so glad that I don't have to drive in that Austin traffic all the time....especially when it's drizzling....took 1 1/2 hours to get there...TomTom promised around 30 minutes).  I am so excited about this new adventure & I have a lovely lady named Lisa who is going to help me along my journey.  I'm not sure how much training we will get to do together, but I will be checking in with her and letting her know what I am doing each week.  I have someone to be accountable to, something that I did not have this past time (I know I probably skipped some important miles in the training).

I have a few goals this time:
1.  Finish (I know I can since I have already done the mileage before....just flat, not hills, so this will be an added challenge)
2.  Beat 3 hours and 23 minutes....thinking I can if I start the Galloway run/walk method
3.  Not get sick the day after if finish 13.1...don't know how to accomplish this one
4.  Eat healthy and try to lose a few pounds as I am exercising this time....not sure what method I will use for this

So here I come, Zooma....13.1 miles on Saturday, March 31!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost done with the parade & what to do for Liam's b-day

So, the parade is getting close...there will be some logistical things that will have to be figured out in the next few days...but it's almost done.  Only 10 days away!!!  It's scary but I am so glad it is almost here.  I will be ready for it to be over and not planning on doing anything like that again.  It's been way too much stress the last few weeks.  I'm still not sure how it is going to go, but we will see!!

Now comes the next problem...Liam turns 2 on the 20th.  I have no idea when or if I can get something planned for him.  I feel absolutely I do something just for family the night of his birthday?  Do I invite just a couple of close friends?  I would love to just host a playdate with some cupcakes or cookies, but our house is in no shape for visitors...I've really let things go more than normal because of the last few weeks of parade planning.  Any suggestions?  I know whatever I do, the theme would be Thomas...or rather "Choo-choo Friends"!  Why does there have to be so much going on this month!!!

Stay to bed now...feel like I am coming down with something...not fun....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mom's Kitchen Day Out at McDonald's with LiveMom

First, I have to thank Nicole at for posting about this opportunity.  Second, I think McDonald's for having this event.

I think I will do a separate post on the specifics and the notes that I took and I'll just give some of my overall impressions here....

I've never been a huge fan of McD's, we usually go to a certain chicken place....but I thought this would give me an opportunity to look at the healthier options on the menu, especially since I started Weight Watchers recently.  (I should have looked at the nutritional info before picking what I wanted to try....but I didn't do too badly.)

Eddie, Liam and I arrived at the Avery Ranch McDonald's this morning for a fun-filled and educational morning. I learned a lot about the healthy foods on the McDonald's menu.  Also, I learned about the people who run the area stores, their passion for their restaurants and the community they have their stores.  Most of them have been with the company for many years and worked their way up...even grew up working at McDonald's.

The boys were excited to play on the playground and meet Ronald McDonald....they actually didn't really know who he was, but I tried to explain before we arrived.  The organizers had some teachers, coloring pages and lunch for the kids, so they were occupied and involved while I had the opportunity to learn.  It was so nice to not have to worry (too much) about them.

Forgot to take a picture before I tried it!

Everyone that spoke with us had so much enthusiasm for McDonald's and their much so, that I am excited about these better choices that I can make when I take my boys to a fun local place to eat lunch or dinner.  (in fact, I went today & bought a fruit smoothie and fruit & walnut salad for my lunch)

See the awesome Asian Grilled Chicken Salad that I had!  It was so yummy and so big that I had to take it home and finish it later!!

I didn't try the fruit and walnut snack at our event, but did a couple of days was yummy too!!

We learned that these owner/operators within the Austin area give back a lot to their community and their employees.  They are starting forward thinking programs in order to take care of the well-being of their employees.

Here are some healthy options.
Don't know if they will have this
out in the store.
Something so neat to see was the kitchen!  I never worked fast food growing up (I worked retail), so I'm not sure what I expected.  I was impressed at the amount of internal food safety precautions they take.  These food cabinets hold the food on a timer and they throw things out after a set amount of time.  Even the fresh veggies to put on sandwiches are switched out every 2 hours.  McDonald's has changed from when I grew up and there were a ton a burgers waiting under the heat lamps, to where they make them when they are ordered...which means that it won't take any longer if you want to leave something off or add something to your meal.  We were even told that you can get an Egg McMuffin with egg whites and no cheese to make it healthier (they use real eggs for the Egg McMuffin).  When we went into the refrigerated area, they pointed out that everything they have are products that we can buy at the store (ex. lettuce/salads are fresh express).

Overall, I was impressed by McDonald's, the owner/operators and the healthy options offered.  (now, there are a lot of very bad options on the menu, including some high calorie and very high sodium you really should look at the nutritional facts on the back of the paper on the tray or online before you go!!)

(I haven't downloaded the if you are reading this before pictures...please come back to see the pictures later...just wanted to get this online tonight)

It's a wrap! #mcdonaldsaustin @livemom moms kitchen tour... on Twitpic

Monday, June 27, 2011


So, I wish I had the camera with flash this morning!  The boys experienced their first movie on the big screen.  I knew that I wanted to take Eddie to see Cars 2 when it came out, but thought I would have to find a sitter for Liam to take Eddie for him to enjoy.  Then, Judy, who we know from Kindermusik, sent me a message.  She said that one member of her mom's group was reserving a theater to watch Cars 2 with just their moms, kids and some friends.  We just had to buy snack packs for the kids and buy our own tickets.  It was a great way to watch the movie with our little ones and not worry that other people would stare at us if someone did not behave the best!  So, I figured I would bring Liam along!

First, I did not know about the booster thing for the little ones to be able to see and a closer drink holder for them!  Got one for each boy and so they could see over the seats!  They were both in their booster seats with snack pack on lap eating popcorn as the movie started.  It was so cute to see them staring at the huge screen and just eating.  They both had almost the same expression.

Liam did well for the first hour or a little's hard to ask a 2 year old to sit in a chair for a long time, so I was so happy with what I got out of him.  He started getting down, onto my lap, back up on his seat, then finally the last few minutes sitting in the aisle.  Over all, he wasn't horrible!  I would have been so embarrassed if we were there at any other time...but knowing this was a mom's group, even though I did not know all of the ladies, I wasn't too stressed!  Thanks to Judy for thinking of us for this showing!

The boys fell asleep on the ride home, so I didn't get to talk to Eddie about the movie until after he had a very long nap...let's see if he falls asleep tonight...

Anyway, to the actual, I was so surprised at the amount of talk of killing and seeing that some cars were killed.  They used that term.  I wish they would have used a different word....not sure that Eddie picked up on it.  I asked him a couple of times during the movie if he was scared and he answered no...although he had a scared look or a very intent look on his face.  He told me his favorite part was the racing....there was some, but not a ton of that.  I am glad that was his overall impression of the movie.  He remembered the racing over the shooting and killing.  I know there was a fight scene toward the end with a LOT of noise....Liam jumped in my lap.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good movie!  Now Eddie wants a Finn McMissile and Holly, new cars to get...argh!  Glad that most of the original cars were in this movie to....smaller roles but they were there.

Anyway, I know that when it comes out on DVD, we will most certainly be purchasing it.  I might have to send Eddie and Daddy to go see it again in the next few weeks.  I think Daddy will enjoy it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hutto Centennial PARADE

Yes.  I said PARADE.  I am now in charge of organizing a Centennial Parade for the city of Hutto.

First, let me start by saying that I am on the Hutto Historical Preservation Commission.  We formed the 1911 Foundation to raise money for historic preservation projects in the city and to put on the Hutto Centennial Celebration July 15-17.  There are many events scheduled for the weekend including a parade on Saturday morning.

(If you want to see what is going on, go to  There is an ice cream ice cream for first in the park on Friday night.  Saturday, there will be a hot air balloon launch, breakfast at that event, parade across town, then a big festival with crafts, carnival rides, music and a huge concert that evening in Fritz Park.  Tickets are $10 at Sarah's Texas Pantry, $12 online, or $15 at the gate.  Then Sunday there is a community church service.  There end to the plug for the event...although, I reserve the right to post again, especially about the bands at a later date!)

So, here is what happened....I was happy helping everyone else and not being in charge of's hard with a 4 & almost 2 year old and hubby with a very crazy schedule.  I was at a Centennial planning meeting and someone said they had too much on their plate and could not plan the parade.  What did I so, I volunteered to take it on....why?  Torture?  I felt bad I had not done all that much.

Little did I know why this person had given it much to do, she had really done nothing.  I had roughly 2 months to get this done.  OUCH!!

I was given a rather large parade permit packet to fill out and turn in to the city for the permit.  Let me say, I've been doing things for this almost every day...emails, phone calls....Plus, taking care of the boys.  I lost track of days and thought it was was one day and it was actually another....the packet was a day late...argh!  This means that it now has to go in front of the City Council to be approved.  Now I am trying to get approval from city departments, get entries, plan the route, get permission to use certain parking lots and the list goes on....

Needless to say, this is taking over my free time...which is difficult with a 4 and almost 2 year old.  In between all of the emails & phone calls, I'm still trying to go to boot camp M/W/F at 5:30 AM and walk/run on other mornings!  I lost some walking/running time due to sickness over the weekend...but I got 4.25 miles in this week...longest distance so far.

Anyway, back to the parade....we are 12 entries with the possibility of some Model A & T cars (who knows how many right now?).  Still trying to get a band or even part of a band!  We do have the Chick-fil-a cow!!

As I was writing this, I received an email....Spike from the RR Express with be in the parade!!!

It is starting to come together!!!  now I just have to have permission to use a parking lot for staging, get barricades reserved from public works & turn the permit application back in....hoping for tomorrow.  Then to a city council meeting for final approval.  Might be looking for someone to come watch the boys for me depending on which Thursday it is.

I have to finish a letter to be given to the residents along the parade route, then actually go up & down the street and give the letter to all residents.  Thanks to an awesome friend, Kendra, who offered to help me with this!!

Next, to figure out logistics...order of entries...sending out final emails with instructions....publicize the route so people will be there to see the parade....I will figure all that out in July (entries are due by June 30).

If you know of a group or are part of a group who would be interested in participating in the parade...send me an email to & I can send you information.  It's free to enter and a great way to publicize your group!  We are still looking for a band!!  Our theme is Hutto: Past, Present & Future!, but you don't have to be from Hutto to be in the parade!!  We would love to have you!

As a side note:  at some point in the next few weeks, I have to start planning and send out invites for a birthday party for Liam.  I have to figure out when to have it....his birthday is on the 20th and we leave the around the 31 for a trip....argh...very limited time with the centennial....forget about my birthday....I refuse to have it this year! ;)


So, I'm not the best at keeping up with this!  I think I need to set aside a time to write/type.  Need advise from other mommas who blog....when do you blog?  Set time?  when events occur?  I guess it all depends on what is happening!?  It's so hard to find a time for everything!

Also, what do I want to do with my blog??  Brag on my kiddos? inform the public/friends about events?  Blab about mommy stuff?  Tell about bargains I find?  What to do??

Then, I am so new to this technology, I need to figure out how to link this blog to FB, so I don't have to copy and past the URL into a post each time.  It doesn't say what the blog topic is, just the top of my page....maybe someone out there in cyper-land can give me a tutorial!

The main thing....I need to find a FOCUS!!!


I saw a post on FB recently for blogging moms from looking for those available to come to McDonald's on Tuesday, June 28 to try some food.  I sounds like a great experience and a way to get myself back into blogging!!

The event is Mom's Day Out Kitchen Tour!!!

Just got an email about it today.  Ronald McDonald will be there for the kids. Also, registered teachers to play with them and food for them!  Wow!  Now, we will see if Liam will detach himself from me for this...although, with Eddie there, it might be easier!

I get to try some of the healthy menu options, tour the kitchen and hear from some of the owner/operators and their commitment to healthy food options.

There will be a real fruit smoothie tasting ~ looking forward to that! =)

I will certainly be blogging and posting some pictures from that after the event!  So check back on Tuesday night or Wednesday to see what happened!! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Been Neglecting the Blog

So, I made the decision to train for the half-marathon and so I have neglected this....

Also, I took on something big for the Hutto Centennial Celebration in July.  I am now in charge of the parade on Saturday, July 16.  What did I get myself in to?  Well, I have a game's just getting others to answer emails or phone calls in a timely manner so that I can get it done.  Once the route is planned and I put out the entry form, it will be some down time until a couple of weeks before....I think?  Anyone out there ever organize a parade and can give me some advice???  Maybe I will have to google it and see what I can come up with!?!

I have pictures from the past few weeks that I will try to post and blog some about so that friends and family all over can see what has been going on with the Tydings family.

Love to all and goodnight...until I can get back to the blog.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well, I said it out loud last night.....I am going to train for a Half-Marathon.  I think it's peer pressure!  LOL!  My cousin, Emily, her mom, Aunt Barb, and her mom-in-law, Barbara G, are going to train to run the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll  Half-Marathon.

Am I crazy???  Probably.  But there are so many ladies that I have met over the past year that have gotten up and done it, I think I can too.  Seriously, I have never been a runner or one to exercise this is huge.  However, I want to do it for a few reasons.  First, I need to lose weight and get healthier to be around for a long time for my hubby and boys.  Second, it's a challenge that seems so impossible.  I want to try it.  Third, running/walking is a form of exercise that I can take anywhere with me and I would like to be able to get more miles into a shorter amount of time.

I think I am going to get this book by Jeff Galloway to begin and then make a game plan (if anyone has a better suggestion for a book, let me know).  I know this is so not going to happen overnight, so I need to plan.  With our crazy schedule, I've got to see how long it is going to take to get the miles up there.  I have been good about going 2-3 times a week to the boot-camp class, but not so good about getting up and walking on the other days.  Today was my last day to sleep on out, I have to get up and do something early.  Whether it is class, a walk in the neighborhood, or zumba on the wii on the days that Ed is coming home from work....I am going to get up and do something.  I am going to get out a calendar and make a plan.  I know that I need to take days off to rest....probably be days that Ed is coming off of work, but not every 3rd day....maybe every 6th day.

Along with this new exercise plan, I am going to get back on track with eating.  I have a plan and am starting to day to get back on it.  I've got a lot to lose and let's see how fast I can get it off...healthy way of course.  No thinking for breakfast and lunch with Shaklee and then a healthy dinner with lots of veggies!!  I've got to write food keeps me honest and I know I can lose if I write it down!!  I won't bore everyone with that, but I've got to find something that will work....any suggestions would help!! goes....May 1st is the day that I am setting new goals for exercise, eating and of course I have to set something up to get our house back in shape!  So, if you don't see me for a couple of weeks....I've got to get these things in order so that I can then add getting out with the boys!  There are a few things we have scheduled to do and we will do those, but I can't over-schedule us.  I am exhausted from trying to do too much in April.

This is my new resolution for the rest of the, if you are reading this, feel free to check up on me to see how things are going!  Thanks for listening....wish me luck!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Eddie's Birthday Week

I think Eddie had a fabulous birthday week!  At least I hope he did!! =)

It started on Tuesday at St. Elizabeth's Pre-School!  Ms. Anne-Marie & Ms. Monica made him feel special for his birthday celebration!  We wore a crown and a pin that said birthday boy!  I made rice crispy cupcakes that had M&Ms on them for their birthday snack!

Then we come to Wednesday, his actual birthday.  He got to pick his meals for the day and it started with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  After breakfast, we all got dressed and headed to Unique Men's Salon ( so that Eddie, Liam and Ed could have a hair cut.  Truc treated Eddie to the warm towel on his face as an addition to his hair washing!  He gets treated very well for a little guy getting his hair cut!  After that, we headed over to Gattiland for lunch (  Since we "liked" GattiLand on Facebook, mine and Ed's buffets were free.  My mom joined us....we paid for her buffet and got Eddie's for free since it was kids eat free day!  What a deal....3 adults & 2 kids eating for the price of one buffet!  AND the manager brought Eddie a key with $5 on it to play games for his birthday!!  What fun!  For dinner, we had the Muffoletto's over for Hot Diggity Dogs (Eddie's choice for dinner).  He opened presents from family in NY....thanks to Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jeff, Taylor, Mckenna, Nolan and Brody for the Star Wars sandwich cutters because Eddie has not eaten a peanut butter sandwich in ages and now has eaten 2....shaped like the Millennium Falcon & TIE fighter (!  He got to talk to lots of family who called to wish him a happy birthday!  Boy that boy loves to talk on the phone!  What a fun filled day he had.

Next birthday celebration was on Friday for the Round Rock Express baseball game (  His name was on the board for the game.  Our tickets were free (another story about the open house) and the ticket manager brought Eddie a baseball cap and shirt for his birthday!  He was so excited.  It was Friday Fireworks, but we did not stay for the fireworks.  About the 8th inning, Eddie said he was tired and wanted to go home.  Can you imagine?  He always fights us to go to bed, but he was telling us that he was tired.

That brings us to Saturday...his birthday party!!  What excitement....
It started with the bouncy house ( very cool company and I was able to negotiate some with them on FB to try to win a free rental) being delivered to my sister's house close to 1 PM (they actually knocked on our door a little after 12:30 and I directed them to my sister's...they had her address down, but came to billing address...ack!).  We arrived and started setting everything up...not much, but a few decorations, chairs and cupcakes.  We had so many friends come...friends from Hutto, Eddie's pre-school classmates, mom's group, church, family....there were a ton of kids bouncing around...probably more than should have been, but they had a blast!!!  Eddie split his lip open again (had done it at school a couple of weeks ago).  Poor guy, his little lip is all puffy and looks so bad.  There were 2 other kids that were a little hurt, but all went away happy.
They played for about an hour, then we had cupcakes & ice cream, then presents!  That was crazy!  I was trying to help Eddie open presents and the kids kept getting closer....I got to feeling claustrophobic!  Eddie got so many wonderful things from wonderful friends!  I think right now his favorite is his The King car and his trailer from his friend Kevin!  He played with it a lot today!  He got so many cars that all fit into the new car case that his Nana and Grandpa gave him for a gift!

After the party, we had family over for dinner...JJ had been smoking brisket all day and we finally got to eat it for dinner.  Then he got a special present from Aunt Barb, Aunt Patty and GG.....his first bike!  A Cars/Lightning McQueen bike!!  He was so excited to get he has to learn to ride it!  I think we are going to have a fun summer, out trying to ride his bike, while Liam tries to ride his the mornings, of course...then I think the afternoons will be spent watering the yard with the fund sprinklers the Tynes' family gave Eddie....3 different things that will be a blast!  I think that is how we will water this summer!  I'm sure we are going to have a huge water bill, but the lawn will be green and the boys will be happy!  We are going to have to invest in some great sun screen too!

This little boy had a great birthday week and I want to thank everyone who helped to make it a success!  Thank you for helping me make is 4th birthday fantastic!  Now what do we do for next year???  I'm thinking low key next year!  I'm thinking even years will be big and odd years low key??!!  So, to start planning for Liam's 2nd!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Diva Dash

Wow!  What a day yesterday was!

I started the morning heading to the Travis County Expo Center to find parking.  Got there a little early, planning on it so that I could find parking and get the bus right when they were supposed to start at 7 AM.  I wanted to get my packet early, stretch a little and walk around.  Wow!  No signs when I got there.  A few cars sitting around, but no one really knew what was going on (talked to a couple of ladies).  We parked and waited for a bit.  2 buses showed up and started driving all around the parking lot...finally came over to where we were and we got aboard.  Then, once on the bus, the driver asked if we were a certain person....he was looking for the organizer so that he knew what to do.  ACK!!!  Was this going to be the theme of the day???  Someone said, "is this the first obstacle...trying to get to the race?"  Hahaha!

Got to Walter Long Park on a wonderful morning.  It was nice and cool!  A great morning for a walk/run!!  I got to the starting line a little before 8:30, ready for what????  I really was a little scared not knowing what to expect.  From the website, I was expecting mud....lots of water...was expecting that I would need to change or use a towel for the ride home.  It really wasn't bad at all!!  I almost wish I had taken my phone out of the ziploc bag and taken pictures of the obstacles....but I didn't want to slow down.  Let's see...the obstacles...first a rope that you had to walk had rope for your hands to use to balance and get across, large balls that you had to push through, maze that you had to crouch down to get through, a rope wall that you had to crawl up and over, tires you had to run through and finally large round floats that you had to jump from one to the other to get all the way around (only got my foot wet, even though I thought I would fall in).  

I have only run on pavement and treadmill, so this was a challenge.  I was not prepared for the trail....rocky, uneven surface!  Then the hills....OMG....I didn't even think about starting to train going up and down hills!

So, the results....I did all of this, including the obstacles (had to stand in line for one of them), in under 1 hour!!  If it were just the 5K....I think it would have been much faster!  I was really scared for this day, but came out feeling fantastic!  It was so much fun!  I am so glad there was no mud, though!  I LOVED it!

The only complaints were that there seemed to be no organization for the buses and parking and NOT enough water/drinks along the course!  There was only one after about 2 miles....I was a bit thirsty!  There were only 3 buses running, so many were walking, I think I heard, almost 2 miles to the park....that is before the 5K.  Wow!!

I got on the bus and headed back to parking...saw Kendra, Christy & Nicole...they were waiting in line for the, I loaded them up in the van and drove them over before heading home.

I was going to blog about Eddie's birthday party too....but I am tired and going to finish cleaning up the living room.  I will try to blog and load some pictures from the party tomorrow.  (I think Eddie had fun!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy Week

Well, one busy week means one tired mommy.  I went to boot camp Monday morning, Wednesday evening & Friday morning....a little sore, but it was a fantastic work out!!  Then I walked/ran on Tuesday, took Thursday off and tried Zumba for wii yesterday....that was crazy how much exercise that was!  I did not think that something on the video game would work me so much, but it did!  Not sure if I did all of the steps correctly, but I kept moving!  Then at bathtime, Liam my my little Zumba guy!  He was jumping around pretending to Zumba!  It was sooooo cute!

We had a great playgroup at church on Wednesday after we picked up pizza from Yaghi's in Pflugerville!  Eddie had MDO on Tuesday & Thursday....While Eddie was at school on Thursday, I took Liam to a play group...he did not do well for a while.  He's going through a bit of a phase where he clings for a while (unless brother is there).  Friday was pretty busy too!  I was up early to work out, then took Eddie to Soccer, came home for a bit, then we went over to Kevin's house for a play date (one of Eddie's friends from MDO).  Eddie and Liam had so much fun playing with Kevin and then his brother Ben, when he got home from school.  I enjoyed talking to Wendi!  It was a nice time.  Then we went home for a little while to relax before cousin Brad's birthday celebration!!  Fun time with family!  It's always fun to get together with the whole gang....we will be doing a lot of that this month as there are several April birthdays that we will be celebrating!

It seems like the week got away from me!  Very little done around the house.  I should be doing that right now & what am I doing instead....writing here!  As soon as I get off of here, I am going to sit with paper and pen and make a plan for this week.  If I thought this week was busy, next week is going to be even more!

Wednesday will be a crazy day!  Eddie turns 4!!  I can't believe that it has been 4 years!  I'll have to post some baby pictures on Wednesday and thoughts on having a 4-year-old!

That's all for now!  Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend and have a fabulous week!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Boot Camp

Well, my neighbor, Carlos, owns a gym where he works with athletes on speed and agility.  He mentioned a while back about this class that he was teaching and I finally got the nerve up to go (I think it is called CoreFit 101, not boot camp, but that's kind of the idea).

I think it was my body pinching that occurred recently....saw that I have way too much fat and way too much weight to lose.  Seeing those numbers in print and on paper is a powerful thing.  The ladies that I've been meeting with who are losing weight had a great conversation last week and I know that what is going to help is some weight training in addition to the cardio.  I have not lifted or worked with weights in years.  I'm tired right now, but I know that I am going to be sore tomorrow or later tonight.

So, it was an hour class at 5:30 this morning.  We warmed up going back and forth across the gym...then used that big ball to do some reps with dumb bells.  After that there were some stations that included the elliptical, treadmill, bike, something for my legs, something for arms and then a weighted hammer that I swung around while standing on a huge tire....almost fell, but it was fun.  After that we moved to the floor with medicine balls for ab work.  What a crazy morning....needless to say, I have gotten nothing done today!  (cake baked, emptied dishwasher, made and ate lunch, and thought about laundry)

Anyway, if you are interested in the class, I put the link below.  I believe that you can try it for free.  I am right's great...not sure what results I will have, but will let you know.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love my boys

Trying something out....I loaded this book on my Kindle....sounds like it is going to be interesting.  They have a website and are on Facebook.  I am getting motivation from this and some new friends in Hutto that have gotten off the couch and are running.  They have done half-marathons and full marathons.

Not sure I am ready for the marathon scene....but I would love to be able to RUN a 5K or complete one in under an hour.  Just some motivation to get healthier.

Anyone have any other suggestions for some reading to help in this realm???

What am I blogging about???

I have so much going on, I feel crazy sometimes.  I thought this would be a way that I could write about it.  Facebook only allows for so many characters!

Right now, I feel a little crazy about needing to get the pounds that is going to be a bit of a struggle right now.  I'm not going to say right now how much I need to get off, but it is a lot.  I am going to be tracking my eating and exercise....won't post it all, but if I have some great advances in my exercise.....

I am trying to walk/run and would really like to eventually run.  NEVER done that in my, I mean.  I've walked and danced (ballet, tap & jazz growing up), but never running.  It's a whole new world for me.  I want to get healthy for my family.  I would love to be in great shape by the time I turn's coming next year!

I'm involved in several different mom's groups and feel lost a lot of days.  It's so not like when I worked and saw my "working/teaching" friends on a daily basis.  I have to make arrangements to see friends....totally different world!  I miss those friends that I taught with, but I know they are busy & mommy friends are busy too (never thought I would be a stay at home mommy...different story there).

Also, I've been into using coupons to save money and registering for all kinds of contests.  I'll probably post some here.  I have lucky days and than weeks and weeks without winning anything!  Then I've won some things that I'm like "what?"...I'll share and maybe give away some of the things or coupons I can use!

Anyway, here goes and hopefully someone has fun reading this.  I might be changing background and let me know what you think...readable or not....I like this font, but not sure how easy it will be to read.....

OK....just looked at thing....I'll be changing thing, just not sure how or when, it will probably be later this afternoon during nap/quiet time or tonight.  Don't like that ad on the side, if anyone knows how to get rid of or move it, let me know.....this is going to be a learning process!