Monday, March 28, 2011

Boot Camp

Well, my neighbor, Carlos, owns a gym where he works with athletes on speed and agility.  He mentioned a while back about this class that he was teaching and I finally got the nerve up to go (I think it is called CoreFit 101, not boot camp, but that's kind of the idea).

I think it was my body pinching that occurred recently....saw that I have way too much fat and way too much weight to lose.  Seeing those numbers in print and on paper is a powerful thing.  The ladies that I've been meeting with who are losing weight had a great conversation last week and I know that what is going to help is some weight training in addition to the cardio.  I have not lifted or worked with weights in years.  I'm tired right now, but I know that I am going to be sore tomorrow or later tonight.

So, it was an hour class at 5:30 this morning.  We warmed up going back and forth across the gym...then used that big ball to do some reps with dumb bells.  After that there were some stations that included the elliptical, treadmill, bike, something for my legs, something for arms and then a weighted hammer that I swung around while standing on a huge tire....almost fell, but it was fun.  After that we moved to the floor with medicine balls for ab work.  What a crazy morning....needless to say, I have gotten nothing done today!  (cake baked, emptied dishwasher, made and ate lunch, and thought about laundry)

Anyway, if you are interested in the class, I put the link below.  I believe that you can try it for free.  I am right's great...not sure what results I will have, but will let you know.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love my boys

Trying something out....I loaded this book on my Kindle....sounds like it is going to be interesting.  They have a website and are on Facebook.  I am getting motivation from this and some new friends in Hutto that have gotten off the couch and are running.  They have done half-marathons and full marathons.

Not sure I am ready for the marathon scene....but I would love to be able to RUN a 5K or complete one in under an hour.  Just some motivation to get healthier.

Anyone have any other suggestions for some reading to help in this realm???

What am I blogging about???

I have so much going on, I feel crazy sometimes.  I thought this would be a way that I could write about it.  Facebook only allows for so many characters!

Right now, I feel a little crazy about needing to get the pounds that is going to be a bit of a struggle right now.  I'm not going to say right now how much I need to get off, but it is a lot.  I am going to be tracking my eating and exercise....won't post it all, but if I have some great advances in my exercise.....

I am trying to walk/run and would really like to eventually run.  NEVER done that in my, I mean.  I've walked and danced (ballet, tap & jazz growing up), but never running.  It's a whole new world for me.  I want to get healthy for my family.  I would love to be in great shape by the time I turn's coming next year!

I'm involved in several different mom's groups and feel lost a lot of days.  It's so not like when I worked and saw my "working/teaching" friends on a daily basis.  I have to make arrangements to see friends....totally different world!  I miss those friends that I taught with, but I know they are busy & mommy friends are busy too (never thought I would be a stay at home mommy...different story there).

Also, I've been into using coupons to save money and registering for all kinds of contests.  I'll probably post some here.  I have lucky days and than weeks and weeks without winning anything!  Then I've won some things that I'm like "what?"...I'll share and maybe give away some of the things or coupons I can use!

Anyway, here goes and hopefully someone has fun reading this.  I might be changing background and let me know what you think...readable or not....I like this font, but not sure how easy it will be to read.....

OK....just looked at thing....I'll be changing thing, just not sure how or when, it will probably be later this afternoon during nap/quiet time or tonight.  Don't like that ad on the side, if anyone knows how to get rid of or move it, let me know.....this is going to be a learning process!