Sunday, April 10, 2011

Diva Dash

Wow!  What a day yesterday was!

I started the morning heading to the Travis County Expo Center to find parking.  Got there a little early, planning on it so that I could find parking and get the bus right when they were supposed to start at 7 AM.  I wanted to get my packet early, stretch a little and walk around.  Wow!  No signs when I got there.  A few cars sitting around, but no one really knew what was going on (talked to a couple of ladies).  We parked and waited for a bit.  2 buses showed up and started driving all around the parking lot...finally came over to where we were and we got aboard.  Then, once on the bus, the driver asked if we were a certain person....he was looking for the organizer so that he knew what to do.  ACK!!!  Was this going to be the theme of the day???  Someone said, "is this the first obstacle...trying to get to the race?"  Hahaha!

Got to Walter Long Park on a wonderful morning.  It was nice and cool!  A great morning for a walk/run!!  I got to the starting line a little before 8:30, ready for what????  I really was a little scared not knowing what to expect.  From the website, I was expecting mud....lots of water...was expecting that I would need to change or use a towel for the ride home.  It really wasn't bad at all!!  I almost wish I had taken my phone out of the ziploc bag and taken pictures of the obstacles....but I didn't want to slow down.  Let's see...the obstacles...first a rope that you had to walk had rope for your hands to use to balance and get across, large balls that you had to push through, maze that you had to crouch down to get through, a rope wall that you had to crawl up and over, tires you had to run through and finally large round floats that you had to jump from one to the other to get all the way around (only got my foot wet, even though I thought I would fall in).  

I have only run on pavement and treadmill, so this was a challenge.  I was not prepared for the trail....rocky, uneven surface!  Then the hills....OMG....I didn't even think about starting to train going up and down hills!

So, the results....I did all of this, including the obstacles (had to stand in line for one of them), in under 1 hour!!  If it were just the 5K....I think it would have been much faster!  I was really scared for this day, but came out feeling fantastic!  It was so much fun!  I am so glad there was no mud, though!  I LOVED it!

The only complaints were that there seemed to be no organization for the buses and parking and NOT enough water/drinks along the course!  There was only one after about 2 miles....I was a bit thirsty!  There were only 3 buses running, so many were walking, I think I heard, almost 2 miles to the park....that is before the 5K.  Wow!!

I got on the bus and headed back to parking...saw Kendra, Christy & Nicole...they were waiting in line for the, I loaded them up in the van and drove them over before heading home.

I was going to blog about Eddie's birthday party too....but I am tired and going to finish cleaning up the living room.  I will try to blog and load some pictures from the party tomorrow.  (I think Eddie had fun!)


  1. Wow, Carmen! Sounds like a great race!

  2. Thanks, Erika! It was so much fun and made me realize I can do so much more than I thought I could!