Monday, April 11, 2011

Eddie's Birthday Week

I think Eddie had a fabulous birthday week!  At least I hope he did!! =)

It started on Tuesday at St. Elizabeth's Pre-School!  Ms. Anne-Marie & Ms. Monica made him feel special for his birthday celebration!  We wore a crown and a pin that said birthday boy!  I made rice crispy cupcakes that had M&Ms on them for their birthday snack!

Then we come to Wednesday, his actual birthday.  He got to pick his meals for the day and it started with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  After breakfast, we all got dressed and headed to Unique Men's Salon ( so that Eddie, Liam and Ed could have a hair cut.  Truc treated Eddie to the warm towel on his face as an addition to his hair washing!  He gets treated very well for a little guy getting his hair cut!  After that, we headed over to Gattiland for lunch (  Since we "liked" GattiLand on Facebook, mine and Ed's buffets were free.  My mom joined us....we paid for her buffet and got Eddie's for free since it was kids eat free day!  What a deal....3 adults & 2 kids eating for the price of one buffet!  AND the manager brought Eddie a key with $5 on it to play games for his birthday!!  What fun!  For dinner, we had the Muffoletto's over for Hot Diggity Dogs (Eddie's choice for dinner).  He opened presents from family in NY....thanks to Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jeff, Taylor, Mckenna, Nolan and Brody for the Star Wars sandwich cutters because Eddie has not eaten a peanut butter sandwich in ages and now has eaten 2....shaped like the Millennium Falcon & TIE fighter (!  He got to talk to lots of family who called to wish him a happy birthday!  Boy that boy loves to talk on the phone!  What a fun filled day he had.

Next birthday celebration was on Friday for the Round Rock Express baseball game (  His name was on the board for the game.  Our tickets were free (another story about the open house) and the ticket manager brought Eddie a baseball cap and shirt for his birthday!  He was so excited.  It was Friday Fireworks, but we did not stay for the fireworks.  About the 8th inning, Eddie said he was tired and wanted to go home.  Can you imagine?  He always fights us to go to bed, but he was telling us that he was tired.

That brings us to Saturday...his birthday party!!  What excitement....
It started with the bouncy house ( very cool company and I was able to negotiate some with them on FB to try to win a free rental) being delivered to my sister's house close to 1 PM (they actually knocked on our door a little after 12:30 and I directed them to my sister's...they had her address down, but came to billing address...ack!).  We arrived and started setting everything up...not much, but a few decorations, chairs and cupcakes.  We had so many friends come...friends from Hutto, Eddie's pre-school classmates, mom's group, church, family....there were a ton of kids bouncing around...probably more than should have been, but they had a blast!!!  Eddie split his lip open again (had done it at school a couple of weeks ago).  Poor guy, his little lip is all puffy and looks so bad.  There were 2 other kids that were a little hurt, but all went away happy.
They played for about an hour, then we had cupcakes & ice cream, then presents!  That was crazy!  I was trying to help Eddie open presents and the kids kept getting closer....I got to feeling claustrophobic!  Eddie got so many wonderful things from wonderful friends!  I think right now his favorite is his The King car and his trailer from his friend Kevin!  He played with it a lot today!  He got so many cars that all fit into the new car case that his Nana and Grandpa gave him for a gift!

After the party, we had family over for dinner...JJ had been smoking brisket all day and we finally got to eat it for dinner.  Then he got a special present from Aunt Barb, Aunt Patty and GG.....his first bike!  A Cars/Lightning McQueen bike!!  He was so excited to get he has to learn to ride it!  I think we are going to have a fun summer, out trying to ride his bike, while Liam tries to ride his the mornings, of course...then I think the afternoons will be spent watering the yard with the fund sprinklers the Tynes' family gave Eddie....3 different things that will be a blast!  I think that is how we will water this summer!  I'm sure we are going to have a huge water bill, but the lawn will be green and the boys will be happy!  We are going to have to invest in some great sun screen too!

This little boy had a great birthday week and I want to thank everyone who helped to make it a success!  Thank you for helping me make is 4th birthday fantastic!  Now what do we do for next year???  I'm thinking low key next year!  I'm thinking even years will be big and odd years low key??!!  So, to start planning for Liam's 2nd!

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