Sunday, May 22, 2011

Been Neglecting the Blog

So, I made the decision to train for the half-marathon and so I have neglected this....

Also, I took on something big for the Hutto Centennial Celebration in July.  I am now in charge of the parade on Saturday, July 16.  What did I get myself in to?  Well, I have a game's just getting others to answer emails or phone calls in a timely manner so that I can get it done.  Once the route is planned and I put out the entry form, it will be some down time until a couple of weeks before....I think?  Anyone out there ever organize a parade and can give me some advice???  Maybe I will have to google it and see what I can come up with!?!

I have pictures from the past few weeks that I will try to post and blog some about so that friends and family all over can see what has been going on with the Tydings family.

Love to all and goodnight...until I can get back to the blog.

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