Monday, June 27, 2011


So, I wish I had the camera with flash this morning!  The boys experienced their first movie on the big screen.  I knew that I wanted to take Eddie to see Cars 2 when it came out, but thought I would have to find a sitter for Liam to take Eddie for him to enjoy.  Then, Judy, who we know from Kindermusik, sent me a message.  She said that one member of her mom's group was reserving a theater to watch Cars 2 with just their moms, kids and some friends.  We just had to buy snack packs for the kids and buy our own tickets.  It was a great way to watch the movie with our little ones and not worry that other people would stare at us if someone did not behave the best!  So, I figured I would bring Liam along!

First, I did not know about the booster thing for the little ones to be able to see and a closer drink holder for them!  Got one for each boy and so they could see over the seats!  They were both in their booster seats with snack pack on lap eating popcorn as the movie started.  It was so cute to see them staring at the huge screen and just eating.  They both had almost the same expression.

Liam did well for the first hour or a little's hard to ask a 2 year old to sit in a chair for a long time, so I was so happy with what I got out of him.  He started getting down, onto my lap, back up on his seat, then finally the last few minutes sitting in the aisle.  Over all, he wasn't horrible!  I would have been so embarrassed if we were there at any other time...but knowing this was a mom's group, even though I did not know all of the ladies, I wasn't too stressed!  Thanks to Judy for thinking of us for this showing!

The boys fell asleep on the ride home, so I didn't get to talk to Eddie about the movie until after he had a very long nap...let's see if he falls asleep tonight...

Anyway, to the actual, I was so surprised at the amount of talk of killing and seeing that some cars were killed.  They used that term.  I wish they would have used a different word....not sure that Eddie picked up on it.  I asked him a couple of times during the movie if he was scared and he answered no...although he had a scared look or a very intent look on his face.  He told me his favorite part was the racing....there was some, but not a ton of that.  I am glad that was his overall impression of the movie.  He remembered the racing over the shooting and killing.  I know there was a fight scene toward the end with a LOT of noise....Liam jumped in my lap.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good movie!  Now Eddie wants a Finn McMissile and Holly, new cars to get...argh!  Glad that most of the original cars were in this movie to....smaller roles but they were there.

Anyway, I know that when it comes out on DVD, we will most certainly be purchasing it.  I might have to send Eddie and Daddy to go see it again in the next few weeks.  I think Daddy will enjoy it!

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