Thursday, June 23, 2011


I saw a post on FB recently for blogging moms from looking for those available to come to McDonald's on Tuesday, June 28 to try some food.  I sounds like a great experience and a way to get myself back into blogging!!

The event is Mom's Day Out Kitchen Tour!!!

Just got an email about it today.  Ronald McDonald will be there for the kids. Also, registered teachers to play with them and food for them!  Wow!  Now, we will see if Liam will detach himself from me for this...although, with Eddie there, it might be easier!

I get to try some of the healthy menu options, tour the kitchen and hear from some of the owner/operators and their commitment to healthy food options.

There will be a real fruit smoothie tasting ~ looking forward to that! =)

I will certainly be blogging and posting some pictures from that after the event!  So check back on Tuesday night or Wednesday to see what happened!! 

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