Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mom's Kitchen Day Out at McDonald's with LiveMom

First, I have to thank Nicole at for posting about this opportunity.  Second, I think McDonald's for having this event.

I think I will do a separate post on the specifics and the notes that I took and I'll just give some of my overall impressions here....

I've never been a huge fan of McD's, we usually go to a certain chicken place....but I thought this would give me an opportunity to look at the healthier options on the menu, especially since I started Weight Watchers recently.  (I should have looked at the nutritional info before picking what I wanted to try....but I didn't do too badly.)

Eddie, Liam and I arrived at the Avery Ranch McDonald's this morning for a fun-filled and educational morning. I learned a lot about the healthy foods on the McDonald's menu.  Also, I learned about the people who run the area stores, their passion for their restaurants and the community they have their stores.  Most of them have been with the company for many years and worked their way up...even grew up working at McDonald's.

The boys were excited to play on the playground and meet Ronald McDonald....they actually didn't really know who he was, but I tried to explain before we arrived.  The organizers had some teachers, coloring pages and lunch for the kids, so they were occupied and involved while I had the opportunity to learn.  It was so nice to not have to worry (too much) about them.

Forgot to take a picture before I tried it!

Everyone that spoke with us had so much enthusiasm for McDonald's and their much so, that I am excited about these better choices that I can make when I take my boys to a fun local place to eat lunch or dinner.  (in fact, I went today & bought a fruit smoothie and fruit & walnut salad for my lunch)

See the awesome Asian Grilled Chicken Salad that I had!  It was so yummy and so big that I had to take it home and finish it later!!

I didn't try the fruit and walnut snack at our event, but did a couple of days was yummy too!!

We learned that these owner/operators within the Austin area give back a lot to their community and their employees.  They are starting forward thinking programs in order to take care of the well-being of their employees.

Here are some healthy options.
Don't know if they will have this
out in the store.
Something so neat to see was the kitchen!  I never worked fast food growing up (I worked retail), so I'm not sure what I expected.  I was impressed at the amount of internal food safety precautions they take.  These food cabinets hold the food on a timer and they throw things out after a set amount of time.  Even the fresh veggies to put on sandwiches are switched out every 2 hours.  McDonald's has changed from when I grew up and there were a ton a burgers waiting under the heat lamps, to where they make them when they are ordered...which means that it won't take any longer if you want to leave something off or add something to your meal.  We were even told that you can get an Egg McMuffin with egg whites and no cheese to make it healthier (they use real eggs for the Egg McMuffin).  When we went into the refrigerated area, they pointed out that everything they have are products that we can buy at the store (ex. lettuce/salads are fresh express).

Overall, I was impressed by McDonald's, the owner/operators and the healthy options offered.  (now, there are a lot of very bad options on the menu, including some high calorie and very high sodium you really should look at the nutritional facts on the back of the paper on the tray or online before you go!!)

(I haven't downloaded the if you are reading this before pictures...please come back to see the pictures later...just wanted to get this online tonight)

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