Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Must Really Be CRAZY!!!!

So, I totally stopped blogging and am so upset that I did....I would have liked to see my progress to the 13.1 miles this past November.....

Needless to say, I finished, but I was so exhausted after that I did not enjoy my finish or the few days after...I got so sick, I went to the doctor and was on meds for almost 2 weeks....between allergies and a throat infection...

That week after, I vowed that I would NEVER do another 13.1 miles...then I started thinking....wouldn't it be nice to do it and NOT be sick after???  Then a friend in town shared an opportunity to train, have a mentor & be part of a group to complete a 5K or 1/2 marathon.  Well, a 5K is nothing....I could do that in my sleep....another 13.1 miles...hmmmmm...

So I applied for the Zooma Girlfriend's Program....never thinking that they would actually choose me because I had done a half already....I finished, but did not feel very good about the finish and felt horrible fact, I have not walked a single mile or gone to boot camp since the day I crossed the finish line.  I need some motivation....

WELL....I got the motivation, I was picked as one of 15 people to participate in the program....I went to the first meeting this past Thursday night (totally different story, but I am so glad that I don't have to drive in that Austin traffic all the time....especially when it's drizzling....took 1 1/2 hours to get there...TomTom promised around 30 minutes).  I am so excited about this new adventure & I have a lovely lady named Lisa who is going to help me along my journey.  I'm not sure how much training we will get to do together, but I will be checking in with her and letting her know what I am doing each week.  I have someone to be accountable to, something that I did not have this past time (I know I probably skipped some important miles in the training).

I have a few goals this time:
1.  Finish (I know I can since I have already done the mileage before....just flat, not hills, so this will be an added challenge)
2.  Beat 3 hours and 23 minutes....thinking I can if I start the Galloway run/walk method
3.  Not get sick the day after if finish 13.1...don't know how to accomplish this one
4.  Eat healthy and try to lose a few pounds as I am exercising this time....not sure what method I will use for this

So here I come, Zooma....13.1 miles on Saturday, March 31!!!

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