Friday, December 14, 2012

Running in 2013

So...I've decided that I'm going to try to get back out in 2013 and run (or rather walk).

I miss the quiet time, early in the morning on the mean suburban streets of Hutto. My quiet mornings allowed me time to wake before having to deal with demanding boys.

In order to get started...I'm going to have to formulate a calendar. I think I will refer to the awesome book from some great mommies called Train Like a Mother. They have several plans that I think I can adapt to my crazy schedule.

Then I need to pick some races as goals for my training. Any favorite races out there? I don't think I want huge races & I think I'm going to stick to 5ks until I can run an entire race or walk much faster than I can now.

Next, I'm going to set some rewards for reaching running awesome orange skirt from else can I add to my reward list???

Hmmmm....I felt so good while I was training before (just not as much the weeks with higher mileage). I want to have that feeling is accomplishment again. I miss here goes...

Now I just need so get some people on board to be my conscious or people that can check up on me & help me keep going....anyone up for the job???

Here goes nothing....

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I don't even know when it began, but it seems like we have all been sick off & on the past month. I keep having that runny nose, drainage with sore throat thing. Eddie has had an ear infection & now a double ear infection. He has never had both at the same time. Ugh. I feel sorry for him. Poor Liam started with off & on runny nose....then the week before Thanksgiving, was diagnosed with herpangina & since Thanksgiving night has been all stuffy nose. Through it all hubby has had stuffed nose, headaches & sore throat.
Overall, we've mostly been well until the past month. It's frustrating that this time of year that I need to be up & out doing stuff, all I want to do is snuggle on the couch. Ugh. At least I've got all but stocking stuff bought for the boys.
I've got other ideas for others I need to buy for, but need to get on it.

Poor it allergies or a cold?? He looks miserable.

Poor Eddie...can't hear right now. I feel bad, but it's frustrating having to yell for him to hear while trying to not wake Liam.

Shopping for that's another post....ugh....

Sunday, November 18, 2012


So I've seen all sorts of FB posts with people writing each day or every few days what they are thankful for.....well, I'm not the best at keeping up with things on a daily basis, so I just thought I'd write a few things here.

Things that I'm thankful for:

My husband...he is a great partner, parent & provider. I love him dearly & am thankful he was put in my life.

My boys, Eddie & Liam....they bring me joy, tears, & frustration every day

My sister & her family...I can count on them for so much...who knew Jamie & I would actually get along when she moved to the same town as me?

My parents...they are no longer together, but they helped to shape the person I am today....good &

My granny....she shows me even today how to be a strong independent woman

Memaw & Powpow...although they are no longer here with us, they were such a strong influence & I find myself thinking of them more in the last few months

My Aunts & cousins...I appreciate all of the time we get to spend together & cherish it

My husband's parents....I could not have asked for a better MIL or FIL...I am truly blessed to have these wonderful people in my life.

Hubby's brothers & their them all, even if they don't all get along these days. I am always grateful for the time we get to spend with them & get to know them more each year.

My nieces & nephews....great kids & love seeing them grow up....from just one (Marie) to the growing numbers of Tydings...6 with another coming along.

Tydings & Wischmeyer families....I married into a great group of people & enjoy getting to know them more when we spend time.

Erin....she gets her own....thankful that she has wanted to & been able to come spend time in Texas!! It's given us an opportunity to know her better & show her some of our neck of the woods. Now, to start thinking of what adventure we can have next summer.

Amy & her family...I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful best friend. We talk more now that she is closer, even if we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like. I know that I can turn to her when I need something. What a blessing she & her family are.

Legacy of Love Mom's group...what an inspiring group of ladies I have become involved with...they are such wonderful, spiritual & creative ladies. I'm glad that I have made the effort to go!!

Personal Renewal Group....this group is really helping me work on myself. Supportive & inspiring. I'm glad that I have become involved with this group.

New moms I've met since Eddie was born...although I don't see many of those first "mommy friends" much, I shared so much with them & learned so much from them...several different groups helped at different time through this mommy journey.

New moms that I continue to meet through my boys....I know that as their friends change, so will mine....but I always hope that there will be a group of ladies that I can share this journey with...

Ladies I work with at church....what a fun group! We have to be crazy to work with 2, 3 & 4 year least it's not every day. These ladies are truly amazing.

Everyone that I worked with in Pflugerville & Round Rock....over the years, I taught with some AWESOME educators. I've kept in touch with some & lost others over the years. But there were some true inspirations over the years that helped to shape the teacher I was.

Friends that I keep in touch with from other stations in my life...I know we are not close, but it's neat to see how we have grown & where we are in life.

FB....ok, so this is weird, but I am thankful my sister introduced it to me & that it is there. There are places I can go to vent frustrations, celebrate accomplishments, ask advice, ask for help, ask for prayers, stay sane, find out that I'm not alone in how I feel & see how friends/family are.

Calendars...and the fact that mine & hubby's are sort of now linked...still trying to figure it all out, but it's getting better coordinating our crazy schedules.

Lunches with Sara...glad we started a while back & glad we started again. She is such a great friend & I'm glad that we have the opportunity to rekindle our friendship. What an amazing woman.

Running/walking/limping....whatever it is I do out there. Thanks to Em, Aunt Barb & Barb G for inspiring me to get out & train for my first 13.1....thanks to my Zooma group, Lisa & Tricia for helping to my second to me to get out there again. It's truly a recharge & way to clear my head. I miss my regular days out there need to find another goal to work toward.

Goals...I am thankful when I set them & work toward them. I'm working on some for the next month & year. I tend to work better with goals or lists, so I need to get with it!!!

Texting...bc sometimes I just don't want to talk on the phone

Online shopping....with 2 boys & a hubby that does not like to shop, I am thankful that I can do much of my shopping online & that I can even ship them directly to NY & even have some elves in NY that help wrap & deliver certain years!!

Nicole & goddaughters. It's been amazing watching them both grow up. I don't get to see them both very often. But I hope they know that they can always call on me if needed.

Timmy the elf....I don't know how out there his antics will be....prob not much, but I hope the boys will behave more when he makes a to figure out how to pack & bring him to NY with us...

God...He is good & I am thankful that he has given my the ability & opportunity for all that I have.

I know there are people or things that I missed...I am so grateful for all that I have & all the people in my life. Thank you Hid for providing for me & my family.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comfort Zone

Just read a post on FB from Zooma about personal growth & stepping out if your comfort zone.
It really hit home. I felt so great earlier this year & way out of my comfort zone. See, I was eating healthy, exercising in a class I never thought I could survive in & training to do 13.1 miles. Granted, toward the end of training the house was a mess, but I felt great!! I was having more fun with my boys (hubby included) and generally had a better outlook on things.

Well, I think it's time to step out, again. I keep talking about running a full 5K....not just the walk or run/walk. Time to set up some training & move toward it. I feel so much more when I run. I have time to wake up & I have to be more organized.

Here we to find the race that will be my goal....any ideas out there???

Thanks, Tricia for this post this morning, I needed it!!

Friday, September 28, 2012


It's been crazy again...several weeks since I've posted. (So much so, that I started this last week & am just finishing this post on Sunday)

I'm trying to get on track, but it just seems like I take one step forward & 2 or 10 back. For example, I was doing great with doing a load of laundry a day (something from Flylady) & now it's just all piled up, again. It was so awesome to have one load done & put away each day. One problem is that Liam's dresser is broken & I need to go to IKEA, buy him a new one, get it put together, pull out the old one, go through the clothes & put the ones that fit into the new one. Sounds easy, right??? LOL!! Argh!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, the 3 month old dishwasher broke. Luckily it's under the 1 year warranty. However, we had someone come out & diagnosed it quickly. He had to order the part & then we waited. It came via UPS & I called to schedule the install of the piece.....only to find that we were supposed to receive TWO parts. Argh! Now we are waiting on the second part with no date as to when it will arrive. Not a happy free Wednesday was spent waiting for the repairman to come. (Side note: i had planned on trying the $27 mani/pedi at the nail place in Wal-mart). Soooooo....I've been having to wash ALL the dishes for meals. I really love having a dishwasher that works.

So, we have Fiesta at church today. I should take the boys up there, I should do laundry, I should wash the dishes in the sink, I should go for a walk, I should get up & shower.....BUT all I want to do is sleep or sit here on the couch & watch the boys play.

And, I forgot to add about the craziness with PTO....guess I need to make a separate post on!!!

Any advice for a mommy who is struggling right now to just keep up?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running Again

I'm doing it again....getting out there & doing my little run/walk thingie.
I really have missed my quiet, alone time....but not the heat & humidity. It's such a cathartic time. I don't know if others have the same feelings about running, but it's one of the few times that I don't have to deal with kids crawling all over me.

Now, while training, last year, I did push the boys on a number of long runs & many long runs with a group of ladies. Those were great, too. They were a different type of run. I really enjoyed the group atmosphere, especially getting to know some wonderful ladies. I miss those runs. Even running with the boys was fun (as long as Liam wasn't crying). It became challenging (not only by their weight, but to see if I could bring enough little toys & snacks to entertain them for 3-8 miles).

It was such a challenge. I walked 13.1 miles & then did the run/walk for another 13.1. I'm not sure if another 13.1 miles is in my future, but I know shorter distances are. I'm really wanting to work on speed. I keep meant to ask about speed work....I have no idea how to get faster or if my old body can go any faster. I am not consistent, do I'm not sure how to go about this. I just know that if I were to consider another 13.1, ever, I want to be done faster. I just don't have the time to commit to the hours of training it takes at my 15-16 minute pace.

I have yo say, Sunday's 3.1 miles was the perfect weather. In the 60s & I got to sleep in before running....although it was more walking due to sore shins....

Looking forward to more early morning, cooler runs!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eddie's First Day

Monday, August 27, 2012
Eddie goes off to his first day of Kindergarden
Mommy, Daddy & Liam are sad & miss him

Well, it baby is growing up. I had tears in the morning before he woke up & after I dropped him off. I'm so excited for him to meet new friends, experience new things & learn a lot from his teacher, Mrs. Hampton.
I still remember sending him off to his first day of mother's day out in 2009. (but that was only for 2 days & 9-12:30)

I started this post over a month ago.
Eddie has settled into Kinder & loves it. He is happy to let us know every afternoon that as of yet, his star has not been moved (meaning he has not gotten in trouble, yet). Mrs. Hampton has the wonderfully well-behaved Eddie!! She is so lucky!!

The only problems I've found so far deal with eating. Eddie just doesn't want to eat much at 7 in the morning (I don't blame him), but this causes stomach pains at 8:30ish until he gets lunch before 11. Some days, he doesn't have time to eat all of his lunch (guessing there is some talking & goofing off going on) & then he's hungry later & gotten a few headaches. He just told me that he doesn't want to eat his snack that I put in his bag because he does not want to miss centers. I'm excited that he wants to learn, but then I get the headachy grumpy Eddie after school. Ugh!

It's sad to hear some days, the kids that get in trouble. Also, I'm sad that I don't know any of the other parents in Eddie's class. At church, it was much easier because you saw them everyday at drop off & pick up. How?? Ugh! He talks about a few of his friends. I'm so glad he's making friends. It was cute after school last week...I was talking with a friend & a group of 4 car riders yelled hi to him.

Anyway, he loves gym class because "it helps me exercise." So far, he has enjoyed all they have been doing.

He loves recess too. He says he runs around & he is as fast as Lightning McQueen. LOL!!

I think Liam is the saddest. Several time he has asked if we can go get Eddie to so we can take him "to lunch with us," " to watch me (Liam) play soccer," or just to play. He really does miss him. He usually gives him big hugs when we get him after school.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sad Mommy

Eddie just caused me to a good way. He wasn't acting himself at meet the teacher night. I could tell that he is a little nervous & anxious about this new adventure. I think a lot of it is that he has no idea what to expect & I really have no frame of reference to help him (I taught middle & high school). I feel at a loss because I can't help prepare him better.
While we were sitting on the couch, I asked him what he was scared about...he said "everything." So I followed with "what are you most scared about?" He answered, " that you won't be there with me mommy."
Love my boy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting my craft on

I love doing crafts....just never have...scratch that...make the time to do it. I've started this new craft to hold my race bibs & medal (only have on & I'm not sure I will do another half to get another).

I bought some letters, paint & cup holder hooks today. Now I have to figure out when to finish...

I'll post the finished product.

I'm going to do another craft with the help of the NJES PTO....we are going to make some bags that will be a "Teacher's Survival Kit". Found it on Pinterest & am modifying it to make multiples (one of each item instead of a whole box of the item). I'll post the link of where I found it & my picture of our final result.

This month of getting more creative is going to be fun. I only hope I can make a date with a friend or two to go somewhere & try a NEW fusion...painting pottery?? Who knows what it might be???

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liver & 6 week plans

I've told a few people, but not many....
When I had my blood work for a physical last month, it came back a little off....argh....
Ultrasound of my abdomen, more blood work....visit to a gastroenterologist, more blood tag with the new doctor office....I still don't know what is going on...

I was told fatty liver & that the specialist would probably put me on meds, so I was very nervous about my visit. This new doc recommended the Paleo diet (have been reading & a little overwhelmed with it....cutting soooooo much out of my diet).

I know I need to lose weight, but I'm not sure Paleo right doctor for a whole has recommended the Belly Fat diet. I've read some about this one & am intrigued. I think I might be able to do this one to start. (of course it will be next week as its way to hard to start on vacation)

The last blood work had the PA recommending vitamin D & blood work in a month & another visit with the doc in 6 weeks...

So, I have a go date....time to get planning on exercise & eating plan!!!!

Going to pull out my calendar on the drive home & try to plan out some things....I'm so much better with a schedule & a plan!!!

Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 3, 2012


And we are in the car....again...

Actually, the boys are pretty good....considering all the riding they have done so far.

I say this as we are slowing to a stop on the NY tollway. Not sure what is going on....think I just heard that one lane is closed 2 miles up....

See, I'm in the very back seat of the minivan...nice to be here & not in the front.

We are on the way to Connecticut with a side stop at the NY capitol in Albany. Looking forward to seeing it. Apparently my hubby had never seen the capitol building of his home state.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Louisville Slugger


We are on vacation....always seems so stressful getting ready to leave...we really have not done much in Rochester...mostly spending daytime letting the boys play outside & evening dinner & play with family.

Looking forward to our side trip that starts tomorrow....going to visit Ed's Aunt Patty in Connecticut & then we are going to Boston!!

I'm looking forward to some of the history....don't know how much or what we will get to see....but excited. On Sunday we will get to witness a ball game at the historic Fenway Park!! Excited about this too!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Here we are...again...I have neglected this because I have neglected a lot in my life in the last 3 months (and years)....I am ready to get back on track...

I guess I had a major let down after the Zooma 1/2 marathon (guess that I'll have to post about that later)...I haven't exercised or eaten well since then...I've even started back to sodas...I feel lousy most days & can't get up in the morning.  I have for a couple of years now neglected my own well checks, so I made some appointments....last ones are next week...I just want to hear it physical or just mental....

I would like some guidance...some days I just feel like I am floating through the day, others I am focused, still others I would like a do-over...

Anyway, I have some posts that I have been writing down....It's been tough bc the laptop does not always want to cooperate....gotta see how to fix it or how to do more from my phone...or how to get an iPad & not have to spend all our money for one....LOL...

If you read this, know that I am going to be making the effort to get back on here...let me know what you might want to hear about....the to clean up this mess I'm living in...what???

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another (busy) Friday

Here we are....another Friday....after today, only one more Friday until race day!  I'm not sure how I feel about that....I've got so much going on, that it doesn't seem like it is already time.  I don't know if I am prepared for this or anything coming in the next few weeks.
Let's see...I have to finish taxes (most of the papers are sitting right here next to the computer), plan a 5th birthday day & party (I can't believe it's already been 5 years), I've got a whole list of things for today (just waiting on Liam to wake & then to get both boys dressed & in the car...with a list so I don't forget anything), plan meals for next week (gotta do it now or else the week will get away from me), start the planning for next weekend (the half marathon) & I am sure that there are more things that I just cannot remember right now.
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed & crazy right now....however, I have to say that I'm also feeling pretty grateful this week.  One friend sent a text Tuesday night & invited the boys & I over for a playdate & lunch on Wednesday.  It was nice catching up with her & the boys played well with her girls (even though Eddie's concern before we got there was "they aren't going to have any boys toys, Mommy."  He was delightfully surprised & was crying when we had to leave.  Then, yesterday, I was boo hooing on FB that I had run out of time to get my planned Chai Latte, then a wonderful friend showed up at the door (of the classroom where I'm teaching), with a Chai Latte. What a wonderful surprise from a very thoughtful friend!  The wonderful things don't end there...last night, I was invited to the Hutto City Council meeting & given a plaque to thank me for being on the Historic Preservation Commission.  The mayor, the chair of my commission & one of the city employees had such kind words to say, I almost had tears (keep them in until I was driving home).  You know, sometimes I felt like I just didn't belong on the commission (I really wanted to do something to teach more about the history of Hutto to the kids & even adults here...which never happened), but overall, it was a great experience.  I do have to say, if ANYONE ever asks me to plan a parade again, I will probably laugh at them and walk away.  It's now on my resume, but will never be repeated!  LOL!!
I think I hear, I'm going to say goodbye for now....maybe I'll update later & let you know how the day has gone & how much of my to do things are actually done!!!  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Almost to the finish line

So, I posted last year that I was crazy enough to sign up for another 1/2's getting close.  I know that I have not trained nearly enough....I'm feeling a bit scared about it.  I was terrified last weekend when we had a preview of the course and ended up walk/running 7 miles.  It was a fun 7 miles in the drizzle & cold...but it wasn't enough to really prepare myself...I should have done a few more.

It's just difficult to arrange things around hubby's schedule & the boys.  I started training with a lot of the shorter runs with the boys...even a couple of 7/8 miles with them....but I've been weary of taking them out when it's too cold or rainy.  Also, I haven't wanted to wake them at the butt crack of dawn to run with a group.

I have to say that I really like running with a made the 7 miles last weekend FUN....did I just say that 7 miles was FUN????  I have really lost it.  I thought that this morning too, when I noted that in college I would many times be coming home at 4 AM instead of going out for a run....times & priorities have changed.

I could see an improvement while I was pushing the boys & then stopped for a couple of runs.  I was even able to run more than I had before....however, that has changed the last week or so.  I don't know what has happened, but I am running slower & not running as much as walking.  Last week, I had to stop running a few times & mostly walk several the miles in, but felt lousy after.  Today, I skipped several of the run times & did not run the entire minute (I've got an app that is set up to tell me to run 1 minute, then walk 1 minute).

This weekend, I'm supposed to get 11-12 miles in...I got up early this morning, but did not get all the miles in before I needed to head home...I'm about 2 miles short....I did 9.42 in 2 hours and 14 minutes....14 & 1/2 minute miles....not bad considering that when I started last May, I was in the 16-17+ minute miles.  I think that is a great improvement.  Plus, last year, I tried to run & ended up only walking.

I've been focusing more on my eating & have been losing weight this year....I'm down about 15 pounds!!!  Had to buy some jeans in a smaller size because the old ones were falling down!  I'm so excited about, I've been able to wear some things that I had not in a while.  I'm still no where near where I would like to be....but I am working on it.

One more thing....I've had some great support recently from my mentor, Lisa, and other great ladies on this journey to the Zooma 1/2 marathon.  I am so grateful to Tricia for choosing me and pairing me with Lisa.  Both ladies and others in the HEB Zooma Girlfriend have been inspiring.  Now, I just want to cross that finish line and not pass out!!  I'm almost positive I can!  (let's see how I do today after the early run & a busy errand morning...I still have 2 miles to get in today)

On another note....I've been cleaning up around the house this week....purging a lot of paper and junk!!  You can now see the end of the table that was piled with papers (I know, quite embarrassing, but it just piled up).  Still working on the house, but it feels good...I'm getting more organized little by little.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SICK???? One day at a time...

One month down....where did it go???

I feel like life has gotten so crazy & there is nothing but a mess to show for it....and sickness.
We start this new month with maybe 3 of 4 sick in our house....I'm coughing up goop, which is leftover from allergy issues over the weekend (guess that wonderful air for my Friday morning run got us sick).  Then Liam woke on Saturday running a little fever, nose runny & cough.  Most of that has continued for the weekend into yesterday, plus some major diaper changes.  We will see how this morning goes.  Eddie woke earlier crying that his head hurt...he's been stuffy nose & starting the cough thing.  I think I might just call their doctor this morning and see if we can be seen.  I would like to give them some meds to help lessen these symptoms, but have no clue what to give them.  I hate seeing my babies feeling so bad.

Is this God's way of telling me to take it easy??  I am trying to busy myself these days....when I am busier, I tend to get more things done.  I am trying to be healthier too & look what it is getting me....SICK!!!  Argh!  I'm eating better (more fruits & veggies), taking some supplements, exercising, praying.....

I think it is probably all the runny little noses that I have been wiping....I am now teaching on Tuesday & Thursday at my boy's school.  I'm really enjoying the time away from home & around the kids.  It's nice to see my boys in the hall and they will run over & give me a hug, kiss & sometimes say "I love you".  Plus, there is some adult conversation!

Now, if I can just figure out some sort of schedule to help get groceries bought, put away, house cleaned, laundry done, exercise in....I am so much better with a schedule...however it gets messed up with sickness this week & rain last week.  I am going to have to sit down this afternoon, look at my calendar and make a schedule for the month of February.  I know that God has his own plan for everything, but if I can lay out something and then ask God to help me to achieve...

It's less than 6 months until I turn 40 & today hubby asked if I wanted to do anything special...I said SLEEP! I feel like that is what I really want more than anything right now.  I feel like if I could get a good rest, then I could wake up and take on the world!!  Maybe I should really start going to bed after I put the boys to bed??  So, I've lost more than 10 pounds....walked/ran 7 miles last Friday....have a part time job...Not bad for the first month of to make my goals for month at a week at a day at a time...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Week Has Gone By

I really have not been good this past week.....I got the year started off right, but then....well, life...

I did take a walk with the boys around Pflugerville Lake after school on Thursday.  It was a nice day....a little warm, but nice enough and not too windy.  I don't remember doing anything Friday...then Saturday, I packed up the boys and headed into Austin for a walk/run on the Hike & Bike Trail around Ladybird Lake (still will always be Town Lake to me).  It was an absolutely beautiful day & there were soooo many people out enjoying the day. The Zooma race was having a kickoff at Luke's Locker and that was why we had a walk there.  My mentor, Lisa, was there and really helped push me and I ran more than I ever have.  It was awesome....until she realized she lost her phone....she ran back from where we came (she didn't find it on her way back, but someone later found it, turned it into a running shop & they called her....good people still left in Austin) & I headed to the end....I cut a little short because my sciatic nerve started hurting.

The first time I ever had problems with my sciatic nerve was when pregnant with Eddie...I stepped wrong one day in my classroom and this shooting pain went from my butt down my leg and back up.  Last year, when I first started training, I was trying to run and had that same thing happen.  I took the rest of my walk much slower that day and just can't seem to remember how I got over the pain.  Well, it has taken me a couple of days...I came home, stretched, iced it and have taken it easy most of the week.  It finally stopped hurting sometime Monday, but with cold wind, I didn't want to take the boys out yesterday for a walk.  I went to Corefit (boot camp) this morning...Carlos gave me this torture device to use to work on that area & now I think I am bruised.  I need that.... little bag of magic...Lisa showed me that same thing on Saturday (but with her loss of phone, we did not have a chance to do any stretching after).

Anyway, I have a long walk/run on Saturday & am trying to figure out how to fit something in tomorrow & Friday with it not being very good weather.  I am thinking of going to bed now & getting up to try to do something on wii that is supposed to be like running or wait and see what tomorrow afternoon is like...argh!  What to do?  If it were just me, I'd go, but hubby is working, so I can't go out tomorrow morn & he might or might not be home tomorrow afternoon....

On another note....I am going to really be keeping track of the eating over the next few weeks as tomorrow my sis & I will be a team in a contest to lose some weight.  Let's see how that turns out....the influence of sisters!

On yet another note....anyone else addicted to Pinterest....that site has some awesome ideas!  Already done 1 project and 1 recipe.  I've been pretty happy with both.  I have some really great ideas pinned and need to get this house cleaned up and organized and implement some more of those ideas!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, I did OK today...not spectacular...but I started with my work out class this morning and followed the 1 hour hope I can feel my arms & legs tomorrow with a little over a mile on CR 122...there is a bit of a hill that I went back and forth on for a few times....lost track....
I am exhausted and going to allow myself to sleep in a little tomorrow...I have packed my running stuff and after the boys are finished at MDO, I am going to take them to Pflugerville lake for a run....not sure if I am going to do the lower mileage or attempt the longer run that is supposed to take place Saturday...
I have lunches ready (all but water & sandwiches made)....clothes for the boys laying out...still need to get mine out....dishes are clean, put away but those drying on the counter....backpacks ready....
I think I am going to check out and head to the bed to read a little while...although the book will probably make me cry some more....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of 2012

I was doing 3 miles in early this morning (in the cold)...ate healthy at CFA & drank cup of tea, then water the rest of the day....then I got the munchies...we had some RR donuts....then my BIL showed me a Dublin DP he had in his fridge....I drank it (actually, it was only 100 calories...but still).

Argh!  I think I am going to bed early so that I can get up and start over tomorrow!  I know that I have typed some of my goals here, but I need to actually write them down in my agenda so that I can have them in front of me every day!  I have put my training schedule in there....this is going to be a long road....

BUT, after dinner and a 1 mile walk with my sister this evening...we are going to work on this glad to know that she wants to have many of the same changes as I AND we are here for each other!!!  Awesome to have such an AWESOME sister!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

Well, through my mentor with the HEB Zooma Girlfriends Program (ZGP) mentor, Lisa,  I found a really cool website she writes for....Shrinking Jeans....and through that site a challenge....

I've signed up for the challenge and have some goals for the new year.  First, let me start by saying that this is going to be a tough year for me....I have a lot that I want to accomplish and have to try to stay motivated...hopefully voicing all that I need to do, will help.

This is an 8 week here are some goals for the 8 weeks and how I might go about achieving them:
1.  work out 4-5 times a week....plan on sitting with my calendar this evening & actually scheduling them...I have a workout calendar for the ZGP & will have to adapt with hubby's work schedule. (schedule will include run/walks & boot camp)

2.  Lose 16 pounds....that's 2 per week....I had my last soda yesterday & think this will help a lot...plan on figuring out how I can start Weight Watchers again....not sure about meeting bc of the boys, but has worked in the past...just have to stick to it.

3.  Run/Walk a half marathon at the end of March...Zooma....I am hoping to run some of it...had a great start yesterday with a group run/walk...ran more bc of a great mentor who helped me along!  I think I am going to really need some of these group runs to push me....I know she won't always want to run at my SLOW pace, but yesterday was really great

The following are goals that are not connected with the weight loss/exercise, but are important to me:

4.  Get control of the laundry....hubby said he will help me get started with this today...we have piles of clothes around the house clean & dirty....if I can get it all put away or in dirty piles in the hall to begin washing today, it will be a huge start.  I need to go through the boys' dresser drawers & pull what does not fit....then my closet (that's going to be a larger project).  I am hoping to work on a system during the month of January...get control, then move to another part of the thing at a time, right??  

5.  Some sort of cleaning schedule....I like the idea from fly lady, but I can't incorporate all of that right now...if I can some up with something that will work for us...a little each day....

6.  Figure out how to do all this, blog some, reply to emails timely & keep sane....if anyone has any advice, please let me know!!!!

This is a post that I am going to be going back to  A LOT this year....I have 208 days until I turn 40 & want to be in better shape, down a size or 2 & live in a cleaner, more organized house....can I do it???? I hope so....because right after I turn 40, my oldest is going to start kindergarten....ack!  Let's see if I can do this!