Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Week Has Gone By

I really have not been good this past week.....I got the year started off right, but then....well, life...

I did take a walk with the boys around Pflugerville Lake after school on Thursday.  It was a nice day....a little warm, but nice enough and not too windy.  I don't remember doing anything Friday...then Saturday, I packed up the boys and headed into Austin for a walk/run on the Hike & Bike Trail around Ladybird Lake (still will always be Town Lake to me).  It was an absolutely beautiful day & there were soooo many people out enjoying the day. The Zooma race was having a kickoff at Luke's Locker and that was why we had a walk there.  My mentor, Lisa, was there and really helped push me and I ran more than I ever have.  It was awesome....until she realized she lost her phone....she ran back from where we came (she didn't find it on her way back, but someone later found it, turned it into a running shop & they called her....good people still left in Austin) & I headed to the end....I cut a little short because my sciatic nerve started hurting.

The first time I ever had problems with my sciatic nerve was when pregnant with Eddie...I stepped wrong one day in my classroom and this shooting pain went from my butt down my leg and back up.  Last year, when I first started training, I was trying to run and had that same thing happen.  I took the rest of my walk much slower that day and just can't seem to remember how I got over the pain.  Well, it has taken me a couple of days...I came home, stretched, iced it and have taken it easy most of the week.  It finally stopped hurting sometime Monday, but with cold wind, I didn't want to take the boys out yesterday for a walk.  I went to Corefit (boot camp) this morning...Carlos gave me this torture device to use to work on that area & now I think I am bruised.  I need that.... little bag of magic...Lisa showed me that same thing on Saturday (but with her loss of phone, we did not have a chance to do any stretching after).

Anyway, I have a long walk/run on Saturday & am trying to figure out how to fit something in tomorrow & Friday with it not being very good weather.  I am thinking of going to bed now & getting up to try to do something on wii that is supposed to be like running or wait and see what tomorrow afternoon is like...argh!  What to do?  If it were just me, I'd go, but hubby is working, so I can't go out tomorrow morn & he might or might not be home tomorrow afternoon....

On another note....I am going to really be keeping track of the eating over the next few weeks as tomorrow my sis & I will be a team in a contest to lose some weight.  Let's see how that turns out....the influence of sisters!

On yet another note....anyone else addicted to Pinterest....that site has some awesome ideas!  Already done 1 project and 1 recipe.  I've been pretty happy with both.  I have some really great ideas pinned and need to get this house cleaned up and organized and implement some more of those ideas!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, I did OK today...not spectacular...but I started with my work out class this morning and followed the 1 hour hope I can feel my arms & legs tomorrow with a little over a mile on CR 122...there is a bit of a hill that I went back and forth on for a few times....lost track....
I am exhausted and going to allow myself to sleep in a little tomorrow...I have packed my running stuff and after the boys are finished at MDO, I am going to take them to Pflugerville lake for a run....not sure if I am going to do the lower mileage or attempt the longer run that is supposed to take place Saturday...
I have lunches ready (all but water & sandwiches made)....clothes for the boys laying out...still need to get mine out....dishes are clean, put away but those drying on the counter....backpacks ready....
I think I am going to check out and head to the bed to read a little while...although the book will probably make me cry some more....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of 2012

I was doing 3 miles in early this morning (in the cold)...ate healthy at CFA & drank cup of tea, then water the rest of the day....then I got the munchies...we had some RR donuts....then my BIL showed me a Dublin DP he had in his fridge....I drank it (actually, it was only 100 calories...but still).

Argh!  I think I am going to bed early so that I can get up and start over tomorrow!  I know that I have typed some of my goals here, but I need to actually write them down in my agenda so that I can have them in front of me every day!  I have put my training schedule in there....this is going to be a long road....

BUT, after dinner and a 1 mile walk with my sister this evening...we are going to work on this glad to know that she wants to have many of the same changes as I AND we are here for each other!!!  Awesome to have such an AWESOME sister!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

Well, through my mentor with the HEB Zooma Girlfriends Program (ZGP) mentor, Lisa,  I found a really cool website she writes for....Shrinking Jeans....and through that site a challenge....

I've signed up for the challenge and have some goals for the new year.  First, let me start by saying that this is going to be a tough year for me....I have a lot that I want to accomplish and have to try to stay motivated...hopefully voicing all that I need to do, will help.

This is an 8 week here are some goals for the 8 weeks and how I might go about achieving them:
1.  work out 4-5 times a week....plan on sitting with my calendar this evening & actually scheduling them...I have a workout calendar for the ZGP & will have to adapt with hubby's work schedule. (schedule will include run/walks & boot camp)

2.  Lose 16 pounds....that's 2 per week....I had my last soda yesterday & think this will help a lot...plan on figuring out how I can start Weight Watchers again....not sure about meeting bc of the boys, but has worked in the past...just have to stick to it.

3.  Run/Walk a half marathon at the end of March...Zooma....I am hoping to run some of it...had a great start yesterday with a group run/walk...ran more bc of a great mentor who helped me along!  I think I am going to really need some of these group runs to push me....I know she won't always want to run at my SLOW pace, but yesterday was really great

The following are goals that are not connected with the weight loss/exercise, but are important to me:

4.  Get control of the laundry....hubby said he will help me get started with this today...we have piles of clothes around the house clean & dirty....if I can get it all put away or in dirty piles in the hall to begin washing today, it will be a huge start.  I need to go through the boys' dresser drawers & pull what does not fit....then my closet (that's going to be a larger project).  I am hoping to work on a system during the month of January...get control, then move to another part of the thing at a time, right??  

5.  Some sort of cleaning schedule....I like the idea from fly lady, but I can't incorporate all of that right now...if I can some up with something that will work for us...a little each day....

6.  Figure out how to do all this, blog some, reply to emails timely & keep sane....if anyone has any advice, please let me know!!!!

This is a post that I am going to be going back to  A LOT this year....I have 208 days until I turn 40 & want to be in better shape, down a size or 2 & live in a cleaner, more organized house....can I do it???? I hope so....because right after I turn 40, my oldest is going to start kindergarten....ack!  Let's see if I can do this!