Friday, March 16, 2012

Almost to the finish line

So, I posted last year that I was crazy enough to sign up for another 1/2's getting close.  I know that I have not trained nearly enough....I'm feeling a bit scared about it.  I was terrified last weekend when we had a preview of the course and ended up walk/running 7 miles.  It was a fun 7 miles in the drizzle & cold...but it wasn't enough to really prepare myself...I should have done a few more.

It's just difficult to arrange things around hubby's schedule & the boys.  I started training with a lot of the shorter runs with the boys...even a couple of 7/8 miles with them....but I've been weary of taking them out when it's too cold or rainy.  Also, I haven't wanted to wake them at the butt crack of dawn to run with a group.

I have to say that I really like running with a made the 7 miles last weekend FUN....did I just say that 7 miles was FUN????  I have really lost it.  I thought that this morning too, when I noted that in college I would many times be coming home at 4 AM instead of going out for a run....times & priorities have changed.

I could see an improvement while I was pushing the boys & then stopped for a couple of runs.  I was even able to run more than I had before....however, that has changed the last week or so.  I don't know what has happened, but I am running slower & not running as much as walking.  Last week, I had to stop running a few times & mostly walk several the miles in, but felt lousy after.  Today, I skipped several of the run times & did not run the entire minute (I've got an app that is set up to tell me to run 1 minute, then walk 1 minute).

This weekend, I'm supposed to get 11-12 miles in...I got up early this morning, but did not get all the miles in before I needed to head home...I'm about 2 miles short....I did 9.42 in 2 hours and 14 minutes....14 & 1/2 minute miles....not bad considering that when I started last May, I was in the 16-17+ minute miles.  I think that is a great improvement.  Plus, last year, I tried to run & ended up only walking.

I've been focusing more on my eating & have been losing weight this year....I'm down about 15 pounds!!!  Had to buy some jeans in a smaller size because the old ones were falling down!  I'm so excited about, I've been able to wear some things that I had not in a while.  I'm still no where near where I would like to be....but I am working on it.

One more thing....I've had some great support recently from my mentor, Lisa, and other great ladies on this journey to the Zooma 1/2 marathon.  I am so grateful to Tricia for choosing me and pairing me with Lisa.  Both ladies and others in the HEB Zooma Girlfriend have been inspiring.  Now, I just want to cross that finish line and not pass out!!  I'm almost positive I can!  (let's see how I do today after the early run & a busy errand morning...I still have 2 miles to get in today)

On another note....I've been cleaning up around the house this week....purging a lot of paper and junk!!  You can now see the end of the table that was piled with papers (I know, quite embarrassing, but it just piled up).  Still working on the house, but it feels good...I'm getting more organized little by little.

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