Friday, March 23, 2012

Another (busy) Friday

Here we are....another Friday....after today, only one more Friday until race day!  I'm not sure how I feel about that....I've got so much going on, that it doesn't seem like it is already time.  I don't know if I am prepared for this or anything coming in the next few weeks.
Let's see...I have to finish taxes (most of the papers are sitting right here next to the computer), plan a 5th birthday day & party (I can't believe it's already been 5 years), I've got a whole list of things for today (just waiting on Liam to wake & then to get both boys dressed & in the car...with a list so I don't forget anything), plan meals for next week (gotta do it now or else the week will get away from me), start the planning for next weekend (the half marathon) & I am sure that there are more things that I just cannot remember right now.
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed & crazy right now....however, I have to say that I'm also feeling pretty grateful this week.  One friend sent a text Tuesday night & invited the boys & I over for a playdate & lunch on Wednesday.  It was nice catching up with her & the boys played well with her girls (even though Eddie's concern before we got there was "they aren't going to have any boys toys, Mommy."  He was delightfully surprised & was crying when we had to leave.  Then, yesterday, I was boo hooing on FB that I had run out of time to get my planned Chai Latte, then a wonderful friend showed up at the door (of the classroom where I'm teaching), with a Chai Latte. What a wonderful surprise from a very thoughtful friend!  The wonderful things don't end there...last night, I was invited to the Hutto City Council meeting & given a plaque to thank me for being on the Historic Preservation Commission.  The mayor, the chair of my commission & one of the city employees had such kind words to say, I almost had tears (keep them in until I was driving home).  You know, sometimes I felt like I just didn't belong on the commission (I really wanted to do something to teach more about the history of Hutto to the kids & even adults here...which never happened), but overall, it was a great experience.  I do have to say, if ANYONE ever asks me to plan a parade again, I will probably laugh at them and walk away.  It's now on my resume, but will never be repeated!  LOL!!
I think I hear, I'm going to say goodbye for now....maybe I'll update later & let you know how the day has gone & how much of my to do things are actually done!!!  

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