Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sad Mommy

Eddie just caused me to a good way. He wasn't acting himself at meet the teacher night. I could tell that he is a little nervous & anxious about this new adventure. I think a lot of it is that he has no idea what to expect & I really have no frame of reference to help him (I taught middle & high school). I feel at a loss because I can't help prepare him better.
While we were sitting on the couch, I asked him what he was scared about...he said "everything." So I followed with "what are you most scared about?" He answered, " that you won't be there with me mommy."
Love my boy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting my craft on

I love doing crafts....just never have...scratch that...make the time to do it. I've started this new craft to hold my race bibs & medal (only have on & I'm not sure I will do another half to get another).

I bought some letters, paint & cup holder hooks today. Now I have to figure out when to finish...

I'll post the finished product.

I'm going to do another craft with the help of the NJES PTO....we are going to make some bags that will be a "Teacher's Survival Kit". Found it on Pinterest & am modifying it to make multiples (one of each item instead of a whole box of the item). I'll post the link of where I found it & my picture of our final result.

This month of getting more creative is going to be fun. I only hope I can make a date with a friend or two to go somewhere & try a NEW fusion...painting pottery?? Who knows what it might be???

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liver & 6 week plans

I've told a few people, but not many....
When I had my blood work for a physical last month, it came back a little off....argh....
Ultrasound of my abdomen, more blood work....visit to a gastroenterologist, more blood tag with the new doctor office....I still don't know what is going on...

I was told fatty liver & that the specialist would probably put me on meds, so I was very nervous about my visit. This new doc recommended the Paleo diet (have been reading & a little overwhelmed with it....cutting soooooo much out of my diet).

I know I need to lose weight, but I'm not sure Paleo right doctor for a whole has recommended the Belly Fat diet. I've read some about this one & am intrigued. I think I might be able to do this one to start. (of course it will be next week as its way to hard to start on vacation)

The last blood work had the PA recommending vitamin D & blood work in a month & another visit with the doc in 6 weeks...

So, I have a go date....time to get planning on exercise & eating plan!!!!

Going to pull out my calendar on the drive home & try to plan out some things....I'm so much better with a schedule & a plan!!!

Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 3, 2012


And we are in the car....again...

Actually, the boys are pretty good....considering all the riding they have done so far.

I say this as we are slowing to a stop on the NY tollway. Not sure what is going on....think I just heard that one lane is closed 2 miles up....

See, I'm in the very back seat of the minivan...nice to be here & not in the front.

We are on the way to Connecticut with a side stop at the NY capitol in Albany. Looking forward to seeing it. Apparently my hubby had never seen the capitol building of his home state.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Louisville Slugger


We are on vacation....always seems so stressful getting ready to leave...we really have not done much in Rochester...mostly spending daytime letting the boys play outside & evening dinner & play with family.

Looking forward to our side trip that starts tomorrow....going to visit Ed's Aunt Patty in Connecticut & then we are going to Boston!!

I'm looking forward to some of the history....don't know how much or what we will get to see....but excited. On Sunday we will get to witness a ball game at the historic Fenway Park!! Excited about this too!!