Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting my craft on

I love doing crafts....just never have...scratch that...make the time to do it. I've started this new craft to hold my race bibs & medal (only have on & I'm not sure I will do another half to get another).

I bought some letters, paint & cup holder hooks today. Now I have to figure out when to finish...

I'll post the finished product.

I'm going to do another craft with the help of the NJES PTO....we are going to make some bags that will be a "Teacher's Survival Kit". Found it on Pinterest & am modifying it to make multiples (one of each item instead of a whole box of the item). I'll post the link of where I found it & my picture of our final result.

This month of getting more creative is going to be fun. I only hope I can make a date with a friend or two to go somewhere & try a NEW fusion...painting pottery?? Who knows what it might be???

Stay tuned...

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