Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comfort Zone

Just read a post on FB from Zooma about personal growth & stepping out if your comfort zone.
It really hit home. I felt so great earlier this year & way out of my comfort zone. See, I was eating healthy, exercising in a class I never thought I could survive in & training to do 13.1 miles. Granted, toward the end of training the house was a mess, but I felt great!! I was having more fun with my boys (hubby included) and generally had a better outlook on things.

Well, I think it's time to step out, again. I keep talking about running a full 5K....not just the walk or run/walk. Time to set up some training & move toward it. I feel so much more when I run. I have time to wake up & I have to be more organized.

Here we to find the race that will be my goal....any ideas out there???

Thanks, Tricia for this post this morning, I needed it!!

Friday, September 28, 2012


It's been crazy again...several weeks since I've posted. (So much so, that I started this last week & am just finishing this post on Sunday)

I'm trying to get on track, but it just seems like I take one step forward & 2 or 10 back. For example, I was doing great with doing a load of laundry a day (something from Flylady) & now it's just all piled up, again. It was so awesome to have one load done & put away each day. One problem is that Liam's dresser is broken & I need to go to IKEA, buy him a new one, get it put together, pull out the old one, go through the clothes & put the ones that fit into the new one. Sounds easy, right??? LOL!! Argh!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, the 3 month old dishwasher broke. Luckily it's under the 1 year warranty. However, we had someone come out & diagnosed it quickly. He had to order the part & then we waited. It came via UPS & I called to schedule the install of the piece.....only to find that we were supposed to receive TWO parts. Argh! Now we are waiting on the second part with no date as to when it will arrive. Not a happy free Wednesday was spent waiting for the repairman to come. (Side note: i had planned on trying the $27 mani/pedi at the nail place in Wal-mart). Soooooo....I've been having to wash ALL the dishes for meals. I really love having a dishwasher that works.

So, we have Fiesta at church today. I should take the boys up there, I should do laundry, I should wash the dishes in the sink, I should go for a walk, I should get up & shower.....BUT all I want to do is sleep or sit here on the couch & watch the boys play.

And, I forgot to add about the craziness with PTO....guess I need to make a separate post on!!!

Any advice for a mommy who is struggling right now to just keep up?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running Again

I'm doing it again....getting out there & doing my little run/walk thingie.
I really have missed my quiet, alone time....but not the heat & humidity. It's such a cathartic time. I don't know if others have the same feelings about running, but it's one of the few times that I don't have to deal with kids crawling all over me.

Now, while training, last year, I did push the boys on a number of long runs & many long runs with a group of ladies. Those were great, too. They were a different type of run. I really enjoyed the group atmosphere, especially getting to know some wonderful ladies. I miss those runs. Even running with the boys was fun (as long as Liam wasn't crying). It became challenging (not only by their weight, but to see if I could bring enough little toys & snacks to entertain them for 3-8 miles).

It was such a challenge. I walked 13.1 miles & then did the run/walk for another 13.1. I'm not sure if another 13.1 miles is in my future, but I know shorter distances are. I'm really wanting to work on speed. I keep meant to ask about speed work....I have no idea how to get faster or if my old body can go any faster. I am not consistent, do I'm not sure how to go about this. I just know that if I were to consider another 13.1, ever, I want to be done faster. I just don't have the time to commit to the hours of training it takes at my 15-16 minute pace.

I have yo say, Sunday's 3.1 miles was the perfect weather. In the 60s & I got to sleep in before running....although it was more walking due to sore shins....

Looking forward to more early morning, cooler runs!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eddie's First Day

Monday, August 27, 2012
Eddie goes off to his first day of Kindergarden
Mommy, Daddy & Liam are sad & miss him

Well, it baby is growing up. I had tears in the morning before he woke up & after I dropped him off. I'm so excited for him to meet new friends, experience new things & learn a lot from his teacher, Mrs. Hampton.
I still remember sending him off to his first day of mother's day out in 2009. (but that was only for 2 days & 9-12:30)

I started this post over a month ago.
Eddie has settled into Kinder & loves it. He is happy to let us know every afternoon that as of yet, his star has not been moved (meaning he has not gotten in trouble, yet). Mrs. Hampton has the wonderfully well-behaved Eddie!! She is so lucky!!

The only problems I've found so far deal with eating. Eddie just doesn't want to eat much at 7 in the morning (I don't blame him), but this causes stomach pains at 8:30ish until he gets lunch before 11. Some days, he doesn't have time to eat all of his lunch (guessing there is some talking & goofing off going on) & then he's hungry later & gotten a few headaches. He just told me that he doesn't want to eat his snack that I put in his bag because he does not want to miss centers. I'm excited that he wants to learn, but then I get the headachy grumpy Eddie after school. Ugh!

It's sad to hear some days, the kids that get in trouble. Also, I'm sad that I don't know any of the other parents in Eddie's class. At church, it was much easier because you saw them everyday at drop off & pick up. How?? Ugh! He talks about a few of his friends. I'm so glad he's making friends. It was cute after school last week...I was talking with a friend & a group of 4 car riders yelled hi to him.

Anyway, he loves gym class because "it helps me exercise." So far, he has enjoyed all they have been doing.

He loves recess too. He says he runs around & he is as fast as Lightning McQueen. LOL!!

I think Liam is the saddest. Several time he has asked if we can go get Eddie to so we can take him "to lunch with us," " to watch me (Liam) play soccer," or just to play. He really does miss him. He usually gives him big hugs when we get him after school.