Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So I've lost 11 pounds. It was without really trying. I cut the sodas, sweets & extra snacking (for the most part).

Now....if I really try....

Seriously....I have such a hard time getting all my shit together....eating & exercise & living this crazy life.

I'm trying to track every bite I take (not been the best at that...but the my fitness pal app is very helpful. That's the first step. Now if I can get the exercise part back....I've been so sporadic recently. The weather really hasn't cooperated with me. I'm waiting for a call or email that my new bike is ready to pick up....I really can't wait for that....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals for 2013 & beyond....

First, I've joined some online places to try to help get moving & losing... (found this from my mentor from Zooma Austin last year, Lisa)....there is a weight loss challenge & a Couch 25K. I started the C25K yesterday & cut sodas (again) & started logging on

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the diet part right now. I think it's going to mostly be watching & counting calories. My doctor has recommended the belly fat diet a couple of times....bought the book & need to read to see what this entails.

The next 2 months, I have my running planned. I hope to fit some cross training & stretching in on the off running days. I'm going to sit & make a run calendar later. I plan on picking a few 5Ks over the next few months to register for so that I keep up with the running.

In a few months, I'll probably be looking for help with speed work bc I want to get faster before going farther.

I'll edit this post later today with some more details as I plan things...hopefully during rest time this afternoon for the boys...

This has nothing to do with body, but it will help me feel better bc I'm tired of this mess...going to work on getting our mess of a house cleaned, organized & ready to sell. I've yet to work on a plan for this, but I will try to work on a room or area every so often. Maybe a look at Flylady will help me with this.

I think I'm going to organize a binder that can help me with my goals for the much planning but hopefully a good less disorganized person.

We will see how 2013 turns out!!!!

2013 & my first run

I did it....I planned on a morning run, but settled for one after the boys were in bed. I'm not sure the actual temperature (I forgot to look) but it felt awfully cold to be out last night.

I started the Couch 25k. I did a 5 minute warm up (did not get warm), then 1.5 minutes of walk & 1 minute of running & ended with 5 minute cool down. I think that since it was cold, I moved faster than I thought I would on my first run. The stats showed that for my 1 minute runs I averaged 13 minutes per mile....not bad for someone completely out of shape.

I really didn't have my peaceful clothes weren't fitting right (gained too much weight) & I just wanted to finish to get out of the cold (I watched the clock the entire 30 minutes).

I've got to figure out what I can wear the doesn't fit too tightly & I'm not pulling down the whole time....& enough layers to keep me warm for 30 minutes....see I was cold, but I had sweat dripping down my back....ugh...

These 30 minute work outs are going to be very do-able as soon as I can figure the proper layering!! Next to add in cross training. I planned on getting up this morning, but with not being able to sleep after the run & Liam screaming for me at 3 AM, it did not happen. Maybe I'll pull out a workout tape later today...I really want to try to do something every, cross train, stretch...something...

Later today, I'm going to work on goal setting & I plan on posting them here so that I can be held accountable!! I need all the help and encouragement possible!!