Saturday, February 2, 2013

If you see me at Walmart

If you see me at Walmart today....just pretend you don't know me.

I haven't showered (but i do have clean undies & shirt on...the jeans are dirty...I did spray a bit a perfume)
I feel like crap (allergies)
I have children (who know how they will they will be given a happy meal to eat)
I'm stressed (have do much to do in the house & just want to escape the mess for a few minutes)
I have a list to get through quickly (although I'll probably remember something else in the middle & be running across the store to grab it)
I'd rather go to HEB today bc of fresh veggies & fruit (but I have a couple of things that I need from another place & only want to go to one store with my little monsters)

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!

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