Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've been thinking about the coming season. Everyone I know tries to give something up for Lent...

Over the years, I've given up sweets, sodas, & so many different things. Some years I was successful, some years, not so much.

I've been reading on FlyLady about decluttering...something I desperately need to do. So, I think I'm going to work on that over Lent. It will help our whole family & maybe others when I donate some of the stuff we have laying around.

I have so much I my house to organize, but if I can rid the house of some of this clutter, I'll be so happy & so will my family. It's difficult for me to part with stuff, but I'm going to....it's for the best!

So, I'm going to give up some of this clutter by starting with taking at least 15 minutes each day to go through parts of my house & purge!! (I might try to sell some, donate some, & trash the junk & extra papers.)

Here we go to a less crowded house by Easter!!

PS...I might even take some pictures & post about what I'm getting rid of!!

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