Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morning musings

I really wish I could think if awesome topics to write about. I want to, but I guess my life it too boring these days & I just can't think of anything exciting to talk about.

Here's what is on my mind this Wednesday morning....

I'm getting back out & running. I feel better & more accomplished. It's just hard because I don't have anyone checking on me or anyone to take some of the runs with now. I think I really liked the group part of running. Hmmm...does that mean I need to find a group or running partner?? I don't have any kind of regular schedule, though. That makes it very hard., I'm getting back on track with planning & scheduling things. Pulled my MomAgenda back out. It's the only way that I can keep my crazy life organized. I have to sit down with it & hubby's schedule so that I know what he's doing the next month!! Love it..not happy it's so big....but I am so much more organized & don't forget things when I have it (as long as I can find it in the

I love having lunch with friends. I feel so much more connected & like a real person!!! Enjoyed an AWESOME lunch with a couple of very nice ladies!!!

That's it....back to mommy mode...

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