Sunday, March 3, 2013


I wrote a long entry last night & took pictures of sleeping boys...just as I was about to post, my phone died (i had not saved it). here is another run at this...

A little background....hubby is in the Knights of Columbus (Catholic fraternal organization) & does stuff that take him out of town for weekend meetings & conventions.

The boys & I are lucky enough to get to tag along for the 2 nights of free hotel room in various cities. We started this when Eddie was still in a car seat & even attended one 2 months before I had Liam. The weekends occur 3 or more times a year.

Now that the boys are a little older, they understand & are excited to go to a hotel. I'm not always completely excited because I'm in charge of them most of the weekend as hubby is in meetings. Plus, different eating & skeeping schedule & the boys aren't always on their best behavior.

I guess hubby & I are more sensitive or on edge about their behavior & want them to be more quiet or just better in front of a lot of adults. In fact, they were the only children in attendance this weekend. Even more nerve racking for us to make sure they are on their best behavior.

See, on these weekends, we know the boys can behave, but I think we are nervous about bothering others (who have grown children & many have grandchildren).

I really need to change my PERSPECTIVE!!

Here is why...we get compliments on how nice it is to see them (even at Mass...the ArchBishop of SA encouraged us to bring them & in Austin & SA gave them good words for being there at Mass) & how good they are (our kids, really?). One couple even stopped me last night as I was headed to go to the gym to workout & said they would never have been able to bring their boys (now in their 20s) to any kind of event like this. One lady told me yesterday (as they were running around the breakfast table) just let them be...they are good boys. Even crazy, others see them as good. Hmmm...

I guess I just need to say THANK YOU when they are complimented & appreciate that they are great little boys!!

I love them & am now beginning to enjoy this little weekends because I get to take them to different cities & see different things through their crazy little eyes!!

We go to Corpus Christi at the end of next month for another one of our weekends. This is different...much bigger than the other small weekends...but I'm looking forward to a new adventure with them!!!

Pictures are...San Antonio zoo...Saturday night after a long weekend...stop at Buc-ee's in New Braunfels

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