Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Running schedule

I just can't seem to keep to a schedule for running.


I think, rather, know that I would feel much better if I could stick to a schedule. I miss having a running schedule. Hubby's work every 3rd day kind of causes me to not have a regular running schedule. Then, children in bed at 4 AM causes me to shut off the alarm at 5 or 5:30.
Honestly, if I had a running buddy, I'd probably get up & go, but there is no one close that can change their schedule to sit mine or that is as slow as me (I won't share how slow, but I could do better)

I ran this morning. It was great, I feel great even though I felt lousy yesterday. I did a walk/run & did not skip any of the runs that Jeff Galloway told me to take!! (Lolo 5k app that is supposed to help me get faster)

Ok...this afternoon, I'm going to make a schedule (in my MomAgenda personal portfolio...my life...I'd be list without it) of running that I NEED to do to get faster & keep it up....them in a different color put some extras that I'd like to do (biking & other cross training). I'm thinking of picking up the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred...heard good things & quick work outs I can do in my living room.

I've lost 17 pounds so far this year & need to keep it off & lose A LOT more. It didn't go on over night, so it's going to take a but to get it off. My next step is to really get the exercise part back in my life.

I've been doing ok with the food...going to try some nutritional shakes...found done smoothie recipes that I might try...if anyone has some to share, please do. Green, fruit, Greek yogurt...

Just realized that I started the topic as running schedule & I ventured off topic a bit...it happens...

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  1. Great job on losing 17 pounds this year! Good luck with your running. I'm just getting ready to start my running journey, so it's nice to see how others are doing.