Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday Adventures

This morning did not start as I had planned....when does anything go as planned???

I have to remind myself that Liam is only 3 1/2...but wow, what a personality on him...

I planned on a busy day of the Hutto Easter egg hunt, the Austin Mural Scavenger Hunt, lunch in Austin, and a birthday party.  It started out OK....but quickly went out of control when I asked Liam to have breakfast & take some allergy meds.  I don't want to go into details, but it was a crazy house for a while.  I cleaned up some things & went to my room to read for a bit.  He finally ate breakfast  & stated that he was ready for the egg hunt.  Of course, I made him cry by telling him it was already over.  Unfortunately a 3 year old does not quiet understand the whole thing about something happens at a certain time & if you miss it, you don't get to do it.  Ugh...

Sooooo, we headed into Austin for the Mural Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the blog R We There Yet, Mom? Once we found the first mural, the boys were excited!  I told the boys that they were fairly close together & Eddie wanted to walk to all of them.  I had to explain that they were car close, but not 3 & 5 year old close.
We did walk along S. Congress for a couple of the murals, which gave them a chance to run & see some sites. I think they had fun jumping in and out of the car.  We hit all but 3 of the murals on the list...I hope to go to the other 3 tomorrow...but we will see how church goes in the morning.

Below is a collage of all of the murals we saw on Saturday. Even though the contest will be over, if you are in Austin, you really should go and see a few of the murals.  I think it might be fun to go back and visit them in a few years & see what the boys think of them in a few years.  I enjoyed seeing how this area of South Austin has changed over the past years.  I didn't take pictures (since I was driving & trying to find murals), but it's quite different from the early 90s.

I managed to keep them awake on the way back to RR for a Chuck E Cheese birthday party.  I don't think my boys realize that you can go to the Cheese when it's not for a birthday.  Shhhh...let's keep it that way!  Lol!

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