Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zooma 2013

I'm getting back on track!!  I ran my first 5K of the year on Saturday, March 23, 2013.  I hope it is the first of several this year.  I can handle training and running 3.1 miles with 2 kids.  3 miles is an easy distance to push them, too!  I have a race in mind next month that I'll be pushing them.

Zooma is a great an awesome race!  It offers the 5K and a half marathon.  (I did the half with a very cool mentor last year.)  This year I decided to just do the 5K so I could enjoy the day & some wine (it was promised last year, but because I finished so late, I couldn't find it & had no desire to search for it...I was just in the mood for a shower & to get home.)

I received a text on Monday from my running mentor last year, Lisa.  She asked if I wanted to share a room at the race location & have a REUNION!  I was so excited!  I started working on how I could accomplish this...crazy schedule of hubby & I.  Finally got my mom to agree to come watch them so I could head to the Hyatt Lost Pines & help with race registration & then get an undisturbed night of sleep (no little visitors & not having to get up super early to get to parking lot to be bused to the location).

When I arrived at the race WAS a reunion!  It was nice to see familiar faces that I ran with and got to know participation the the HEB Zooma Texas Girlfriends Program.  Before the program last year, I thought I loved the solitude of running and peace it brought me, but I really miss the group runs!!!  I know I'm slow, so I really need to work on my speed so that I can join a running group. I guess that's my motivation moving forward.  Who knew, I'm a social runner??!!

I was much more relaxed this year since I ONLY had 3.1 miles to go....then I remembered the hills...wait, were there hills on the 5K course too...ACK!!!  There were.  OH NO!  I had only been running in FLAT Hutto....

Here I am before the run....

So, I got nervous, but I had done the hills last year...I just wanted to beat the only recorded time I had from a 5K, but after remembering the hills, I would just be happy to finish without being sore., it really wasn't THAT bad.  I enjoyed & smiled most of the way.  There were great ladies out on the course & I even waved & said hi to a few that I knew along the way!

Here I am...crossing the finish line!!! And, I was smiling!  Thanks to Erika for taking this picture!! Remember...I am sooooo slow (I have NEVER been an athlete)...I finished just under 45 minutes!! I'm pretty excited that I finished in that time WITH hills!!!

Here is what I missed last ice cold glass of Barefoot Wine Moscatto!  It was sooo yummy! (I already drank a bit before I realized that I should take a

I was a little sad that I did not get the beautiful necklace that the half marathon finishers received has a charm of a runner...maybe I'll have to find one to add to my mommy & DP charm necklace. (I never thought I wanted a charm to signify my running...but I'm getting more proud that I do it and I'm starting to run more than I walk.) I did get the BLING for having a PR.  Now to keep getting faster (and maybe get hubby out there with me)!

On the drive home yesterday, I think I smiled the whole way (and jammed to some great XM).  It really was a wonderfully relaxing time (even though it was less than 24 hours).  I felt recharged & renewed my spirit.....I felt like I could take on the whole world!  (it lasted for a little while, then back to mommyhood)


  1. I am so freakin' proud of you Carmen and you look FABULOUS!!!! I had a blast spending the evening with you and can't wait to do it again next year. Which 5K are you thinking of doing? I am beaming ear to ear that you have decided to keep with you- you are a ROCK STAR, my friend!!!

  2. Lisa, thanks so much! I will mark it on my calendar as soon as the date is announced!! I had so much fun and really felt so great after! I'm for sure doing a 5K when we are in Corpus at the end of April & then just found out about a nighttime one here in Hutto on May 4th (benefits a local church). Going to decorate the jogging stroller with lights, glow sticks & maybe light sabers & take the boys!
    You are such an inspiration and great motivator! Thank you!!!