Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My challenge

Ok....I'm having a really rough time getting out there to run/walk. The last few times, even these less than 2 miles seem to wipe me out & I just don't want to go again.

But I want to run/walk...

I can't explain. I want to get out there, but I'm having such a hard time motivating myself out the door. My body has been aching & I know I need to for my health & sanity. I completed 3 miles with the boys the other day & it sucked. I had to get them ready, snacks and entertainment & then answer their questions. It's just not as enjoyable.

I miss running with others. But I'm so slow right now & out of shape...ugh.

I'm frustrated, tired, out of shape & ready to throw the towel in....

I need some motivation...anyone out there that can kick my butt...(I have a 5K on Saturday....I'll probably walk it, but really feeling unmotivated).