Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year, New resolutions

I start each year with good intentions but not real backing for my goals.
I'm going to lay out what I want to accomplish for 2014 & how I plan on obtaining theses goals. 
This is mostly just for me to get out there....and if you read, maybe you can help me obtain these goals. 

I have to lose weight. I have to stop drinking sodas, eating unhealthily (is that a word?) & get more veggies in my diet. 
I need to exercise. I joined a running program & hopefully I can move from walking to running & get faster. On some off running days I need to do one of my cardio videos or go to the gym & lift some weights. I know that I will have 2 scheduled runs per week, so now I need to schedule the other exercise. 

Ok... That's a huge goal that will prob take a months or 2 to get on track. This is one that I'm going to have to schedule!!

I have no great habits here. I go weeks that prayer is there everyday & is a big part with the boys & I. Then I go weeks feeling unfulfilled. 
I think I need to see if I can either find something I can listen to while I run/exercise. I have a book that I was recently given with readings for each day...maybe I can read that before going out & then think on that while exercising?? I'm not sure if prayer in the morning or evening works better. Maybe something to read or pray on before bed? I'm just not sure. But I know that I feel this is not strong in me & I need to do something to feel more fulfilled here. 

I have NEVER been good at housekeeping/organizing. I found a weekly checklist today that I'm going to print out & attempt. It has chores broken down to each day of the week with checklists. (I love being able to check things off.)
I've tried so many different things....guess it can't hurt to try something new?? Right???  
I need to start in my bedroom & attempt to finish unpacking. (A lot is clothes that don't fit right now....should I just toss now or wait until I lose weight??? I just don't know what to do.)

Wow. Even though it's just 3 topics, it's a lot of stuff to get in order in my life. 

I hope to also reconnect with friends. I've become somewhat closed off & not reached out to spend time with those that are important & are fun to be around. If you are reading this...call me & get my ass out of the house....I'm really not good at making plans & following through...

2014 is going to be a great year!! I hope that friends & family can be involved in helping me achieve these goals!!!