Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 days with no DP

Many of you may know about my addiction to Dr Pepper.....
I love it so much that my sister bought me a charm & I wear it daily of a DP bottle.  I had students one year bring me DP almost daily the last few weeks of school.  People have given me DP as a gift.  My in-laws buy it when we are coming to NY so that I can wake & have my DP. 

My name is Carmen Tydings & I am addicted to DP.

I give it up & then start it again.  It's so darn good....the Dublin version was the best.  I discovered the HEB version with sugar....pretty good too.  I've been drinking it everywhere we go recently.
I know that last year, I was able to lose some weight when I gave it gave it up I have.

TWO DAYS & not a drop.  I have really wanted some, but have not given in to my craving.  Let's see if I can keep it up.  I know that this will be very important to my weight loss & even to my whole energy.

I thought about maybe giving myself one as a treat for say a week with none or a month, but I'm afraid that if I have one, that I'll go back to my DP ways.

So....2 days & counting.....

A few other things....
When I weighed on the 1st...I'm 5 pounds less than what I started last year. So, I lost weight last year, gained but did not gain it ALL back. 

So, I go on Saturday for a meeting about my running group/plan....basically couch 25K through a local running store.  Our first group run will be next Tuesday evening.  I'll have Tuesday evening runs & Saturday morning runs.  This store is also going to hold a group/contest called Ton of Fun Weigh Loss Challenge.  I'm thinking of joining could give me more motivation & access to some weight loss essentials.'s 12 weeks, so it could keep me going for a while.  It costs, but if I lose, there are some prizes that I would get all of my money back in store credit & possibly more.