Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2

Describe your favorite spring activity.

Spring is great to start getting outside again.  Before kids, we used to love working in the yard...planting great plants to attract the butterflies & humming birds.  It was so awesome to work out there knowing how much wildlife it would bring in the coming months.

Since kids....we stopped taking great care with our wildlife oasis.  Now that we have moved, I have no idea how or what we are going to do with the lawn.

Spring & kids....playing outside....sitting watching & listening to them as they play outside....East egg hunts...the boys are only 6 & 4, so they are only now beginning to enjoy the out doors.  Looks like our spring will have a lot of soccer....hopefully, I'll get many walks/runs in with the boys or while Eddie is practicing soccer. 

Spring/April much fun in celebrating & enjoying the wonderful family time in spring.

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