Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 4

Parenting tip: How do you keep your children from telling white lies?

Wow.  I have no idea because Liam had started telling stories & has been blaming thing on Eddie that I'm pretty sure he did.  I wish I had an answer for this one.  This is something that we really need to figure out before it gets out of hand.  I don't remember Eddie telling stories or assigning blame elsewhere.  Ugh....Liam is going to challenge me every day.  Love that boy, but is he full of it!!!
 There has to be a book or something out there that can help teach that white lies are not OK. 

I really feel like I am giving up on these writing prompts, but it's difficult.  I'm at a loss for some of them....

I wonder if I should skip around or look at some other writing prompts & pick & choose....anyone out there have something they want me to write about????

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