Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 5

5 Tips to Staying Organized

When I don't keep up with a calendar & write family events & even meal plan in it, I am so disorganized.  It's nice to sit down with hubby & see what is going on for the week.  We are able to be on the same page and fewer arguments when we are on the same page.
I've tried the electronic, but I always go back to a written one.  My favorite over the years was momAgenda, but when I went to order the refill this year, they were out of stock.   I have the Personal Portfolio & it's nice to keep so much in one place....however, now I have a different's working, but I can't keep notes in the same agenda....
I found this post that had a great organizational page that I think I'm going to use to organize our weeks...I essentially did this on a blank paper, but this looks nicer:

I can't keep organized without a list...there are so many online that work or just make your own.  There are some great cleaning lists...organizing lists...
You have to find the list that works for you.  I've tried many & tend to look for one that is specific to what I'm doing.  Whether it's party planning, spring can find so many just by googling!!

This isn't necessarily something that is for organization but I learned it from FlyLady.  It makes cleaning & doing anything to keep organized easier to do because you just set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes & work.  Then take a break.  This helps with my boys too....

Pinterest this may be a cop-out, but there are so many great boards out there with organization tip.  I have pinned quite a few that I go & look at when I need to organize something.
Here is my board that I started to reference:

Last tip:
Don't let anyone touch anything that is organized....not kids or hubby or even yourself....LOL!

I've been organized many times, but it's the upkeep that is difficult.  You have to take the time to put things away & keep the organization going.  You have to attempt to obtain help from everyone in your house to stay organized.  It's hard when not everything is organized but you have to try to explain that it's a process & you need help.

I'm going to close by saying that I have not gotten organized at the new house...yet.  I have ideas & pins that I would like to try, but time & $$ prevent some of the ideas that I would love to try out.

I'd love to hear your organization tips!!!

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