About This Blog and Me

I thought I would start this blog to just be able to talk to my friends and family....let you know what is going on here and to just be able to voice what is on my mind.  This way, I'm not always posting on FB.

If you don't know me or have not talked to me in a long time....here goes....

Some of you may know me because we are related....growing up in Katy....HS in Indonesia....college at UT....from teaching in Pflugerville or Round Rock....through my hubby or my boys....or who knows where we met....it's been a long journey!

I'm 40 41 42 now...ouch, where did the time go...I'm mom to Eddie (8) and Liam (5) and wife to Ed (we celebrated 12 years this past June).  I was a middle school and high school social studies teacher for 9 years before deciding to stay home after Eddie was born in 2007.  I'm glad that I did, but there are all sorts of different struggles.  I'm glad to have outlets like FB and blogs to talk to other moms and to get in touch with old friends and make new ones.
I'm now teaching 4 year olds 2 days a week at Liam's preschool which is where we go to church.  In 2014, I accepted the position to become the director of the preschool where I taught.  It's been challenging but rewarding year!

This blog will probably be a hodge podge of everything.  I'll try to post what is going on with the boys with pictures so that family out of town can see they boys grow.  I might post some of the great deals I get or prizes I win....haven't done either in a while, so need to get back on that (recently I won a few small things & a Trek bike...that was a total surprise).  I'll probably post some about my weight struggles, what I am doing to get it off and the exercise that I am attempting.

*2012This will now be including my second attempt at 13.1 miles & the journey to NOT get sick right after I finish.  I really am going to do what I can the next few months to change some very old, bad habits and change my life.  I want to be around for my boys and know that I have to get healthy to do this.

*2013The previous paragraph was from last year...I completed the 13.1, but then did not do much the rest of the year except gain all the weight back that I lost last year...so now I'm on another weight loss journey & have lost almost 20 pounds in 2013 & am doing the couch to 5k.

*2013I've also got another goal for the coming year, that is not health or weight related....that would be to purge junk in my house and papers that I've been holding on to for years (lots of teaching materials). Still working on this in 2013....it's gonna be a long journey to purge.

*2015,  I'm going to try to start this again.  We had a great vacation last week & I'd like to blog some about it.  I might blog about exercise or weight loss.....I think I always struggle about this, so writing can help me & help me to plan what I need to do.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!  I hope you enjoy!

By the way....I am so new to this and might make mistakes and so don't know all about blogging....so feedback is helpful!

This is a continuing document.....so the last few paragraphs were goals from the last couple of years....

Edited 7/6/2015