Weight & Exercise Goals 2015

Here I am in 2013 & going to set some new goals...although they may be similar to years past.

1. Weight...here we go again...I just don't know what program is going to work for me. I gain all I lost last year & extra. In 2013, I've already dropped 15 pounds & have A LOT more to go. I've got to TRACK my food. That's the best way I know how to lose.

2. Run/walk. I started, slacked & have started again. I want to get less than 15 minute miles & consistently be out there moving. I think that's the only way I will be able to continue to lose & keep it off.

3. Write more. I enjoy blogging...only wish I had more feedback from those reading or a bigger audience. How can I go about this? I'll have to research this.

4.  Purge. I have so much junk in our house (I say I, because most of it is mine or clothes that font fit the boys anymore). I need to come up with a plan to rid the house of junk & stuff & stick to the plan.

5. Lunch with friends. I feel less guilty going to lunch...especially if I can go on a Wednesday when Liam is in school. It helps me keep sane & it's just fun to "do lunch".

So, I'd like to keep the below goals posted so that I can see what I tried to do and here goes some new goals for the rest of 2015.

I'm back up in weight & out of shape.  I think the key to most anything is watching what I eat.  So....I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers....again.... anyone have any pointers???  ugh....

I need to menu plan.  I know that is key to not eating out or eating crappy food.  I will have to spend some time each weekend so that I can be successful.

Exercise.....I found Orange Theory Fitness & love it, but have not seen any results.  Hmmmm....I think a lot has to do with me not eating healthy & not getting to OTF with any regularity.  I love it but it's hard to schedule with our crazy family schedule.  I need to figure out how to do this.

So....here we go....on another ride to getting healthy.....

There we go...some goals for 2013

I'm not sure when I posted this originally, but it was a while back....I am going to leave it, as I see that I have accomplished goal number 2....I got waaaay past 3 miles.....
Here are goals as of 12/18/2011....these are some things that I would LOVE to accomplish before 7/26/2012

1.  Weight....as always...I've always fought it....I won't even say how much I want to lose, but I know that I need to focus on that
2.  Finish another 13.1 miles in less than 3 hours 23 minutes & NOT get sick after
3.  Do whatever it takes to stay healthy the next few months
4.  Turn this run/walk into a lifestyle...not just something for 3 months

1.  Weight:  Well, I have a lot to lose....so I am going to start small....
I have a lot of weight to lose, so I will break it down in smaller segments.  I will start with 10 pounds and let you know how long it takes to reach the first goal.  I'm not going to post my weight right now, because I can't believe that I have gotten this big.  I'm sure that I will post at some point, but not now.

I'll let you know when I lost the 10....starting today I will eat differently!

Edit...I have started Weight Watchers to help me with this goal....I've lost 6 pounds for the first 2 weeks.

2.  Exercise:  I would like to be able to walk/run 3 miles at least one time a week.  I can do 2 miles without too much problem, but 3 would be nice....I am going to try to walk 2 a couple of times a week the next few weeks...I know I can do 3 (done it a few times), but never without struggling that last mile.  I want to be able to do it in about 45 minutes and still feel good after.   I'll let you know how it goes at the end of the month.